500 saves Fiat. So in approximately the right headline like this on the bella macchina from Turin. Because without the new 500 rose would have it duster Zap looked at the Italian car group in 2007. To old the models were, at the time, and technologically much too weak on the chest, to be able to with the competition. And so the once-proud Northern Italians around plodded rather uninspired in the automotive no-man’s land.

< p > homage to the Nuova 500

Then the 500 came out. The new Cinquecento. He was nothing more than a return to the Nuova 500, which has appeared exactly 50 years before. But a rather ingenious. Twelve years later, there are from 500, therefore, a product family. C, X, and L: Roughly speaking, the X-models are nothing more than SUVs, each optimized for the city and the country. The L models are the family carriages and the C-class, Fiat supported Singles or couples with a sense for good Design.

+ the Design of The Fiat 500 has changed over the decades, only a little.© Fiat

The 500C is the smallest car, but is a four-seater. Kind of like the 911 from Porsche. There is also a medium-sized dog has a back a maximum of space, a Schnauzer, Terrier or the like. The rear seats – this is like the 911 more as a replacement for the small trunk (to a maximum of 185 litres will fit in). Glove boxes from Cadillac and Co have almost more space.

buying advice: The new Opel Combo is what distinguishes him from the Rifter and Berlingo.

Fiat 500C against 500X: The dimensions

But enough grumbling. Because in the front it sits really comfortable and has a great Overview. If you don’t mind, you go automatically to the physical proximity to a passenger or co-driver. Depending on. After a relationship dispute in place between the counterparties, but also sufficient, to avoid any blows during the travel. And the the dimensions: are to 3.57 meters wide and 1.63 inches of narrow (with the outside, you must reflect again 27 inches overall).

+ The Fiat 500X is considerably larger than its little brother.© Fiat

As of the 500X City Cross is of another calibre: 4.27 metres long and just under 1.80 metres wide. Here, you can actually sit the feeling in a car. The front of the German Beanpole finds neatly in place and also rear, you do not need to be as small as a sea in the Arabian lemon grower, to fit. To 1.90 meters size of the body you are sitting here neatly and conveniently. The trunk offers 350 litres, almost Double as that of the little brother. With folded rear Bank you can get up to 1,000 litres.

the timeless Design of the Fiat 500

In Design and appearance of the 500C also scores twelve years after his birth. Timelessly beautiful, the then introduced the Retro-Style is still in use today. Especially in the case of the Collezione models with two-tone paint finishes and stylish interior applications, like the Italian cuisine. Clear, simple and yet good and beautiful. Al dente just. A little freshened up the interior is of the second Generation. With a larger Central screen, for example.

+ – Inside and outside: the Design of The Fiat 500 is simply timeless.© Fiat

The chic look you transferred Fiat wisely on the other models. Of course, the Retro-Design of the City Cross here is not-so-subtly pronounced, but you still recognize the handwriting. Alta Moda also inside: piano-lacquer look, a lot of plastic, but tolerable. A little pushy on the thick Front and rear clips in chrome optic. But SUV is a SUV and has to look the part, too. Even if not every model is really for the terrain is suitable, because of the four-wheel drive is optional.

Skoda Fabia in comparison: he beats up against the VW Polo and Seat Ibiza.

Fiat 500C against 500X: The engine for comparison

In the case of the Motor and the drive of the 500C gets equal to a thickness of defects. The 1.2-Liter gasoline engine with 69 HP is first, weak in the chest (12.9 seconds from 0 to 100). For this, he needs to much Fuel. More eight than seven liters. And Super petrol. Second drawback: The Tank absorbs only 35 litres. Mamma mia. This consumption is more at the gas station than that.

Our 500X City-Cross is equipped with the new Diesel Generation. The 1.6-litre compression-ignition engine with turbo charger with 120 HP and 320 Nm of torque to the Ordinary and makes it really fun. In the case of the pollutants, it meets the Euro standard 6d-Temp. The total consumption should ideally be at 5.1 litres (combined). We were with 6.5 liters on the road, but it is a lot of city traffic was.

Strengths and weaknesses: Typical Italian!

bears strongly the 500 C at the appearance. Picobellissimo! Both outside and inside. Technically, it is a little dusty and inconvenient. Who wants to put on the safety belt, must be of Indian contortionist, otherwise you can get a full-blown shoulder strain during Buckle up.

The model X shines with space and style, but also has a few technical shortcomings. The dual-clutch transmission is lame and takes too much memorial seconds, until it rests, finally, Power. Or the Start-Stop-automatic: she is so gruff, as if to tear the driver out of the deep sleep. Speaking of which, Sometimes, she dreams of because it starts so late that it comes on a tilted surface is already rolling until the engine and transmission starts and are ready. Although it is only a few centimeters, but for sure, you will feel not necessarily.

purchasing advice: the Peugeot 508 is reflected in comparison to BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar.

Which car for which type?

Would be the 500X City Cross really family-friendly, would not ask the question. Because for two adults and two children in the trunk provides easy to a little. Even a short visit at grandma’s for the weekend, is likely to be impossible to cope with, without a Ski coffin. The City Cross is a uch more of a car for young couples with a small child.

+ of The Fiat 500C, due to its size, a good big city car.© Fiat

Or a perfect vacation car for two; perfect for the culinary shopping trip to Italy. A box of wine? Null problemo! For such requirements, the 500C is overwhelmed easily. He is and a fashionable city car, almost as practical as an E-scooter, because it connects with him is always a suitable Parking space. Who wants to dress good and look good, the little Cinquecento is also exactly right. Suitable for Singles and young couples without offspring.

And the love of money? So much of the Fiat 500

it has The More space in the 500X City Cross, of course its price. While our chic bubble car with special paint Bicolore “Brunello” (750 Euro) and a few trifles, such as Connect Plus package (€650), automatic air conditioning with pollen filter (350 Euro), height adjustable driver’s seat (140 Euro) and electric wing mirrors painted in body color (25 Euro) was a total 21.055 Euro, you have to lie down for the large brother, and a third more. On 31.230 Euro the price of our test car added up.

Small extract from the charge-list: LED package 890 Euro, Navi 600 Euro, leather, 1,000 Euro, roof rails 190 euros, adaptive cruise control system 300 Euro. The base price of the 500X City Cross was 24.190 Euro, the 500C Collezione in 19.190 Euro.

Fine Diva against the earthy nature of boys: DS 7 and Peugeot 3008 in the comparison.

Rudolf Bögel


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