Before the big Hype around the SUV, there was the station wagon. Large, spacious and suitable for families. However, with time, the interest in the classic family faded carriage. In the process, some of the Combi-pretending to more than he is.

vintage station wagon with 500 HP Motor

So, too, a Dodge Coronet Deluxe Station Wagon from the years 1966. The classic car is currently for sale and has a lot under the hood. Because of the combination of a 539-horsepower Motor is powered and has about 715 Nm of torque.

in Addition, the classic car is in very good condition. With a few exceptions everything is on the Dodge Coronet Deluxe Original. Even the paint was never touched and he has been very well maintained. The combined spent in the rooms most of the time in the inside.

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Dodge Coronet Deluxe can it loose with modern sports cars

he is a true Rennbiest, which is likely to make every acceleration a good figure race. For it was specially reinforced suspension and a new braking system installed.

Currently, the Dodge Coronet Deluxe Station Wagon in the U.S.-car dealer Vintage Motorcars is. There, the Oldtimer waits for a new owner. This would have to shell out for the vehicle just 26.900 dollars (approximately 23.800 Euro).

Sleeper Cars surprise at the race

she gives it again and again, so-called Sleeper Cars on German: sleeper cars. This refers to cars that look, at first glance, as you would lose to a snail in a race. A HP-Monster in you.

according to the Motto “the Outside yuck, inside hui,” you again and again with sports cars and leave them in a cloud of dust far behind. A old VW Passat, which is then called Passerati belongs to happy times.

a Passerati made a few years ago so a great deal of attention. In the case of an acceleration race on a closed track, he did not let a Ferrari 458 Italia stand a Chance.

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