Weapons 24/03/20 YouTube”Battle mole”: what happened to the Soviet underground nuclear boat

Talking about the development of this unique superweapon, it is impossible not to recall American sci-Fi Thriller “Tremors”. Unlike the movie monster-worm, killing everything alive on its way, Soviet designers managed to create a real mechanical prototype.
However, the Soviet mechanical “mole” self-destructed along with the people inside the people.

Without the Mole and not the life

As is often the case in the scientific world, the development of a machine that can go deep underground and all of a sudden to commit acts of sabotage behind enemy lines, did designers from different countries. It was one of the ideas fix of the twentieth century. However, leadership in this area belongs to the Muscovite Peter Rasskazova, who was the first in 1904, is schematically depicted an underground self-propelled machine.

Here it should be noted that everything associated with the invention “crotophaga” mechanism from the very beginning accompanied by numerous and varied retreats, strongly smacks of mysticism.

Rasskazova accidentally killed by a stray bullet during the revolution of 1905. Then the drawings disappeared, and over time miraculously materialized in Germany.

the Two world super powers started to work on the same project at the same time. In the USSR in the early 30-ies that the project was led by engineer Alexander Tebelev. On the heels of his advancing German counterpart Horner von Werner.

Trebleo, a man possessed by an idea to build a machine that copied the true cracovii skills, allegedly managed to walk to the creation of a prototype. But in this case. The Nazis also his “Midgard Schlange” (“Midgard Serpent”, was the name of a monster from Norse Saga) did not start: the project cost a small funds, for this reason meticulous the Germans and turned.

he Took Ukradenna, but its

the subsequent history of the development of Soviet underground submarine the farther, the deeper the conspiracy is cluttered with details because gradually lost documentary substantiation of those or other events. Probably, in this case, these nuances can be attributed to the law of the genre. Or, if you will, on the secrecy of the topic as such.

nevertheless, it borrowed the experience of foreign developments “fighting moles” in Stalin’s Soviet Union was taken as a basis. That it is based was laid by Russian scientist, no one else remembered. Supervised the subjects personally by the Minister of state security of the Soviet Union V. S. Abakumov. The details of the job that Viktor Semenovich gave the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences Sergey Ivanovich Vavilov, apparently, it is not yet time to know these details still hidden under a signature stamp “top secret”.

the Sinister secret Soviet war of the Nautilus, killing, biting into the bowels

it is Alleged that the Soviet “Battle Mole” was created. And underground fighting machine endowed with unprecedented powers: supposedly it was equipped with a nuclear power plant similar to the classical nuclear submarines. Describes the technical characteristics of Soviet mechanical “Trembling earth”: 35 meters in length, 3 meters in diameter. Managed this five-man crew, the speed of the “Fighting mole” of 7 kilometers per hour.

the Soviet “Mole” could bite into the ground with 15 Marines on Board, by 1962, everything was ready for “practical application”. In 1964 a pilot instance underground submarine created to the extent of “gathering the stocks”.

Conspiracy theories of the creation of the “Fighting mole” is replete with details which today have no scientific validation. In particular, the founding fathers of the underground combat vehicle rank of the academician Andrei Sakharov.

Descriptions of the practical application of the Mole is (they are dated 1964), but the experience is more similar to the final fantastic story, rather than the result of a scientific experiment: that at ten meters deepBina underground boat exploded, and it was a nuclear explosion. Being evaporated in the unit people were killed.

… the Mystery of the Soviet “Big Mole” is reminiscent of the story of Dyatlov pass. But if in the case of the story of the death of a group of Soviet climbers to researchers today are open if not all, very many details of what happened, the fate of the underground Soviet submarine still more uncertainties than any tactile certainty where it would be possible to build a reasonable version of the creation and testing of Soviet scientific and technical development.


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