The genocide of the Gypsies during the Second world war: how many victims

History 24/03/20 the genocide of the Gypsies during the Second world war: how many casualties

As is known, Adolf Hitler had plans to destroy a certain part of the population. Under the “selection” were the homosexuals, the mentally and terminally ill, addicts. Also recognized as “racially inferior”, the representatives of some nationalities, such as Jews and Gypsies. And than the last is not pleased to the Third Reich?

Competitors “Aryans”

According to Nazi racial theory, the Germans belonged to the so-called Aryan race, which has its origin from India. But the fact that Gypsies are direct immigrants from India and their language belongs to the Indo-Aryan group. It turned out that they called Aryan than “racially pure” Germans.

the Nazis had to invent another theory that European Gypsies were descendants of the Aryans and members of “inferior races”. This supposedly was due to their tendency to vagrancy and other anti-social traits.

in 1926 in Bavaria, adopted the “Law on the fight against Gypsies, vagrants and parasites,” which the Nazis decided to build its persecution of the Gypsies. Similar laws were adopted in other regions of Germany.

From 1935 to 1938, Gypsies were sent to the camps

detention, often surrounded by barbed wire. Starting in March 1936, they have spread the provisions of the “Nuremberg laws” on citizenship and race, first applied only to the Jews. They were deprived of German citizenship, they were forbidden to participate in elections and to enter into marriage with “Aryans.”

In July 1936, when Berlin hosted the Olympic games, Roma were placed outside the city, on the site subsequently became known as the “platform

to halt Marzahn”. It was a narrow wedge of land located between marcinski clasDBISAM, a railway line and fields. Through the camp Marzahn in total were 1500 of the Berlin Gypsies. It was used as a drive for the further sending in “the death camp” Auschwitz, where most of the inhabitants of Marzahn was deported in may 1943.

the Solution to the “Gypsy question”

In may, 1938, the Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler issued a decree on the establishment of the Berlin criminal investigation Department on fight against the “Gypsy menace”. It formed the basis of the Service information by the Roma. 8 Dec 1938 came the circular from Himmler “On combating the Gypsy menace”, which dealt with “the resolution of the Gypsy question based on racial principles”.

How does this “settlement”? For the second half of the 30-ies began mass sterilization of German Gypsies. It was held so. Did an injection into the uterus of a dirty needle. Often after this, there were severe complications, which led at best to infertility, and at worst to blood poisoning and death. No medical care of Roma is not provided. By the way, this procedure is subjected not only adult women, but girls as well.

Also on the Gypsies put various scientific and medical experiments. So, the Nazi scientists were interested in why some Gypsies have blue eyes. In Dachau they were sometimes removed eyes to study the phenomenon. There are over 40 Roma were set an experiment to dehydration. In other words, these people were tortured with thirst.

Genocide is sweeping across Europe

In April 1940, a decree of Himmler lived in Germany Sinti and Roma began to be deported to Poland, where they fell in labour and concentration camps, as well as in the Jewish ghetto. In turn, the Polish Roma forcibly transferred to a sedentary position: they were sent to ghettos, and property confiscated.

In the occupied territories of the USSR, the Einsatzgruppen destroyed all Gypsy camps that came their way. In December 1941, there were mass executions of Crimean Roma moreover, “under the hand” came and settled Roma families. They are often killed along with the guerrillas, underground members and other “helpers of the Communists”. The mass extermination of Gypsies, was recorded on the territory of Western Ukraine, Smolensk, Leningrad and Pskov regions. According to some estimates, during the German occupation in the Soviet Union were killed about 30 thousand Roma.

According to the latest data, the number of victims of the Roma genocide during the Second world war period is 200 000 — 1 500 000 people. It is only the dead. The number of victims from prosecution, but the survivors even further.

October 25, 2012 in Berlin, opened a memorial dedicated to the German Gypsies who were victims of genocide.

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