the Fund industry is leaving. Many readers reported fine gold on the Research in the spring of this year, when the Dax closed at 13,500 meters, just below the record high that they had to get after years of communicative drought again calls your national Bank Advisor.

In the Disbursement Fund and equity funds were mixed, supposedly cheap, a good asset-building and time-effective. Well, the timing was the worst since the beginning of the Dax Rally in March 2009, but the surprise hardly anyone. A regular phone call every six months with reference to a savings plan – that would be something.

Since March, the Dax has lost almost twelve percent, and, as is so often the actively managed funds showed up with just a few exceptions. According to the above, it is often only partially, to the bottom of it is full. This prejudice is none, it has been often proved.

As active funds aim to achieve a excess Return against ETFs or index certificates, if there are many charges aggregating approximately two percent per year? It is even more important for investors to think about Alternative thoughts. Just as important as the shopping and product selection, the focus on fees and costs.

get balance

So, the Dax recorded amazing ex way of dividend is hardly higher than at the end of 2014. With active funds, there was on balance little, who acquired the negative-assigned certificates, such as, for example, a Bonus or discount stores, but did so with his black miracle. Because in a moderate selection – that is to say, without the buyer’s premium and a yield maintenance of about five to six percent per year – have been knocked out on the Dax as well as no bonus papers “” in the years since the collapse of Lehman brothers-resistant, year after year, the bonuses supplied.

With some clever Timing bonuses even ten per cent were with simple Dax-a. possible. Mind you – at a risk even below the Dax, since the lack of premium reduced the risk. So a reasonable return on investment. However, as is well known, also in the shopping, important the Broker can be.

in 2018, we were able to find fine gold Research again, marked changes in the offer. The competition has become harsh, beneficial for the customer, and often hard for the issuers of certificates, or ETFs.

Less hard, he is an active Fund, but the bill comes at the end – look it up on your return compared to the Dax. Paradoxically, the information base for private investors in the case of the certificate providers such as BNP Paribas, UniCredit or Deutsche Bank, even, is pretty big.

From Overviews to volatility and Live rates curves of raw materials to the collected currency market, analysis and Futures, option computers or trading platforms up to webinars on the occasion of important economic data.

profit is located in the shopping

The number of cost-free actions the product provider from funds, certificates and ETF industry, we present to you regularly on our Portal. A special highlight is the provider UniCredit/HypoVereinsbank tried just.

The Munich-based have created with the App “Floribus” a clean-up campaign, each customer gets up to a certain turnover size per month his buying and selling fees refunded. The Floribus App is dressed to the nines, and she has real benefits for the customer. Regardless of whether he makes, for example, in the case of this Discussion, Comdirect or ING-Diba depot actions – the fees it returns immediately. To do this, you must link only to be in account with the App.

Who would like to try it, the Dax-bonus paper HX2WNU view with a return option of seven percent p. a. and a term until December 2019 in the case of a barrier of 10,800 points and no buyer’s premium to the Dax.

Only 13.300 meters in the Dax would go with an index paper. There is also the return also, if the Dax is quoted until the end of the term somewhere above 10.801 points – 13 percent buffer.

by the Way – still a Tick higher, the return is to the paper GM1SAD with a buffer of 16 per cent and eight per cent, per annum, As one of three partners has capped Goldman Sachs Broker Flatex his fees to 1.90 Euro per Order, for Morgan Stanley products, investors even pay any Orderfee.

You see – in the broker area of a lot is going on, and the profit in this case is really in the shopping of the customers. This is sorely needed. Because the Inflation is started in Germany – the shopping list or the bill when filling up Oil or petrol do not lie.

The author is a columnist for the financial journalist, co-founder of the financial portals Feingold Research and BALANCE.


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