He doesn’t want it Smoking, but the context: Ian Power is one of the First, bought in Canada legal marijuana for recreational use. “I will hang the frame and on my wall. I’m going to keep it forever,“ he says, pleased. In Newfoundland, the first legal weed sales began on early Wednesday. The country is now the largest in the world, where Smoking Weed is allowed.

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau worked for two years on the legalization of Cannabis. The use for medical purposes was already allowed since 2001, but should be on marijuana for recreational use extended. The target: the changing social attitude to marijuana to better illustrate and integrate the black market dealer in a System with clear rules. Uruguay was the first country in the world, the marijuana for the recreational legalized the use legal.

“I can’t believe we did it. All the actions in all the years have paid off,“ says the 46-year-old Power. “The ban is over. We have written history.“ He invited foreigners to visit Canada and enjoy Cannabis.

The Upcoming celebrated, motorists honked

Before the official start of sales on Wednesday to spread some more good news for grass lovers. From government circles was reported that the Trudeaus Cabinet plane is a penalty for certain convicted marijuana owner. The pardon should those concern had been punished for possession of 30 grams of Weed or less, and an appropriate entry into the file. The official announcement should be made in the course of the day.

In St. John’s in Newfoundland, hundreds of customers stood in front of a Pot Shop, as the clock struck midnight. The Upcoming celebrated, motorists honked to Express their support.

Tom Herb Clarke of friends of THC called – was one of the First in the country that could sell in his shop in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland now legal Weed. His first client was his father, while between 50 and 100 people stood in front of his Shop and him cheered. “This is so wonderful. I have been waiting my whole life for this Moment,“ said Clarke, who was a dealer for 30 years illegally. “I’m so happy to live in Canada instead of South of the border.”

“Grass has taken from me never been someone”

“We have discussed for the last 50 years. Better late than never,“ said Clarke’s father, with a view to the legalization. At least 111 stores should open on Wednesday – only a small part of a market that will ultimately be significantly larger, such as an AP survey found.

The 37 million Canadians, it is allowed now to order marijuana products on websites and get delivered to your home. The pages are managed either at the state level by the provinces or from private sellers. In Ontario, the most populous province, will start the sale until next spring. Alberta and Quebec have set the minimum age for purchase to 18 years, others at 19.

The 48-year-old Ryan Bose Toronto thinks it’s the right time to legalize the use of cannabis. “The alcohol has taken from me my grandfather, and he has taken his youngest son. The grass has taken from me never someone.“

Canada’s national approach has enabled the industry unlimited Bank transactions, deliveries between the provinces and the investments in the billions. In the United States, by contrast, cannabis use remains at the Federal level is prohibited. Nine US States have legalized marijuana for recreational use, more than 30 for medical purposes is allowed.

warning against possible supply bottlenecks

The democratic U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is also the time for the United States came After the neighbor had opened in the North now its legal cannabis market, missed the USA, the longer they waited, the potentially significant economic opportunities, says Wyden.

In Canada warns, however, against possible supply bottlenecks. Trevor Fencott, whose company in Alberta 15 “Pot Shops” with employees, not enough goods. Only three of their shops should open on Wednesday. These are the problems, if you stomp an entire industry of 24 months from the ground up, says Fencott.

Brenda Tobin and her son Trevor wanted to open a “Pot Shop” on Wednesday at 4.20 PM in the afternoon – 420 a in the scene of important code number for cannabis use. With the marijuana sale, you’ll be rich, says Tobin, who used to sell food. In order to play to the maximum of eight percent profit, the business may make people with the sale in Newfoundland. She hopes to major revenues such as through pipes and Bongs. “The product itself is no money,” says Tobin. “You have to sell products in value from $ 250,000 to earn $ 20,000. That’s not enough even to pay someone’s salary.“


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