imagine you walk across the street and a car hits you. You can never go back, however, the insurance company of the accident the driver refuses to pay and deny the debt of your customer. So you need to complain. In the case of a dispute value of 200,000 Euro, the cost risk is in the first instance 18.840 Euro in the third it would be even 66.275 Euro.

these are means, the only least likely to have available. This case was a traffic protects legal protection insurance. You assume the cost of the process. And not only motorists can use a insurance, says, “financial test”. In the current issue 130 offers of traffic law protection insurance policies were examined, of which 23 received the grade very good and 22 are good.

The offers are divided into several groups, depending on whether a Single or a family is insured. Also, the number of vehicles plays a role. There is certainly insurance for customers without their own car.

High price for the protection

In practice, involved in most of the cases with problems after an accident or fines. By the diesel scandal, there is currently a special boom on the topic of “buying a car” – a lot of customers fighting with their insurance company against a peek-Diesel. For new customers, this question should no longer be important, because an old purchase, you may not challenge with a new insurance.

Basically, a right is not wrong protection in road traffic cases. The only Problem is that these insurances are relatively expensive. A liability insurance for the whole family costs about 120 Euro. The winner of the test for the traffic legal protection of a family with a private car costs without a deductible, proud of 188 Euro (Advocard), the second-placed offer from the LVM cost you 155 euros – in both types of insurance with unlimited coverage in Europe.

It should not be forgotten that the families for the price of 155 or 188 Euro a legal protection exclusively in road traffic cases – it comes to an accident, in the stairwell, it is protected.

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points sinners to pay for it

Auto-bullies with a high number of points in Flensburg, Germany, to build more accidents and pay higher contributions – that’s an obvious guess. Which does not apply in the case of most contracts simply. Individual insurers see it differently. Then, however, there is a hefty surcharge of up to 20 percent. In one example, driver the are about 140 euros per year. Because it’s worth it to switch to the insurer.


Against such a gap in the insurance protection only a comprehensive legal protection insurance helps. However, it is expensive. The Advocard-360°-a cost of Private for a family of more than 450 Euro in the year.

action of joyful customers

The high price is because the traffic is legal protection, an active insurance – the customer has it in Hand, whether it comes to a dispute or not. Also, if the insurance supports actions against minor fines, there are enough red – light and speed sinners that go to court. And if you are just about to reduce the fine a little.

one should Not forget that the legal protection insurance bears only the costs of the lawsuit, but, of course, no guarantee that the case will be won. In the aforementioned example, the approached a pedestrian, the insurance to reduce the cost in the worst case. Namely: The process is lost, there is no compensation and the unsuccessful applicant remains on the cost of the procedure sit. He is insured, remain in him, this saves cost for compensation, there is not. He wins, however, the process must bear the costs for the procedure.

conclusion: In the event of a case, it is good to have a powerful traffic legal protection insurance. Because of the cost of completion should be well considered. Who red lights don’t matter and who just wants to protect itself against the consequences of an accident, you should consider the offer accident insurance. The pays also, if you caused the accident.

The whole Test, you can view for a fee here.

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Gernot Kramper


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