Who makes close to the sea vacation, is looking forward to a fresh fish in the Restaurant. But the reality is often different: A “NDR”-a Research revealed recently that the fish quality is bad in Restaurants, on the Baltic sea often. Instead of fresh fish straight from the sea and restaurateurs serve up frozen goods from the wholesaler. The is often cheaper, local fishermen with good products, there are always rare. You can read more about this here.

According to “NDR”-research Restaurants cheat the fish: So bad the quality is on the Baltic sea By Denise Snieguole Wachter

But how to recognize really fresh fish to prepare at home? There are a few tips on how you can the Fresh recognize.

1. To find out whether the fish is fresh, you should gain a total impression. The coat of scales of the fish should still Shine, and with a clear mucous layer to be plated. If the fish has already been gutted, not sure the cut look surfaces brown or even dried up are.

2. How do the eyes see? They are clear and bulging or curved outward? It is fresh fish.

3. How are the gills? It is Easy to see the fish on the basis of the color of the gills to determine: the should be a bright red, moist and shiny

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4. How does the fish? Fresh fish never smells fishy or fishy, but after Iodine. The fish of the sea, he smells of sea water.

5. How do you feel about the fish? Press with the index finger once and vigorously on the skin. The fish is fresh, should remain no dents back and the meat immediately regains its original shape. In the case of flatfish to test in a different way: Remains of the fish firmly in the air, he is fresh.

All the tips you will find neatly arranged in the following series of photos.

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