85 years Ago and were first sold deep-frozen products. This was in a small grocery store in the United States and was regarded as an Innovation. Because this is a new method for preservation was born: the shock-freezing. Until today, there really is no gentler way of preserving – and all without preservatives.

The first products that were offered chilled, were vegetable, fruit and fish after Freezing was on the rise and has led to a global success story deep-frozen products. In Germany, frozen in 1955, was presented for the first time – now there are over 17,000 frozen article in the trade. But when you Freeze at home a lot can go wrong, therefore, we have eight tips you should keep in mind during the shock-freezing.

1. The Fresh priority

has The food you want to freeze should be as fresh as possible. Because the longer the product is frozen, the higher the quality loss. This manifests itself in each and every food is different, nevertheless, the following applies: the fresher, the better. Before the purchase, one can already consider what foods are to be preserved and which are not.

2. Preparation for the freezer

The food you want to freeze should be as good as it gets prepared for the Frost. No matter whether you clean the product before it dries, cut-cut, blanched or Boiled to cool, it should be transferred to all cases in a freeze suitable container, or in a special freezer bag. Vegetables should always be blanched, as a result, the enzyme activity is reduced. This can cause the color and taste change, as well as vitamins will be lost.

3. Airtight

closing If the food were freeze-Packed in suitable, then should be taken to ensure that neither air nor moisture can penetrate. Otherwise, the food can lose vitamins or freeze brand exposed to. This occurs when too much oxygen gets to the product and the temperature in the freezer and then fluctuates. As a result, the food dry out and get a whitish-gray color. The affected areas are not unhealthy, but the taste of the product suffers. Therefore, it should be Packed close to the products, always air – tight-vacuum.

4. Meat and fish vacuum pack

to avoid unappetizing freezer burn on meat or fish, should be vacuum Packed raw meat or raw fish before Freezing always. To provide this Service, many butchers and fish shops. If it is to be frozen at home, it’s true: small portions to freeze, and minced meat, press flat, so that the bacteria formation is reduced.

5. The vessel will not be filled to the full

A container or a freezer bag can never be too full. It could happen that a water-containing food to expand during Freezing. As a result, the vessel or the bag could burst. In the case of stock cans could solve the case of a high filling level of the lid.

6. Identification

An important point in the Freezing of foods labeling is. In the Depths of a freezer, you can eventually lose track of them all. It is, therefore, to draw important products to password: freeze date, approximate minimum durability and content.

7. Durability

in General, the following time information for the shelf life in the freezer:

vegetables: 3 to 12 months meat, or fish: 3 to 12 months, cool fruit: 9 to 12 months sausage: 1 to 6 months dairy products: 2 to 6 months on herbs: 3 to 4 months back were: 1 to 3 months cooked: 1 to 3 Monate8. Thawing

If the Freezing is regulated, then of course the thawing process. During the freezing process, you should cool the product as quickly as possible down, so that no vitamins will be lost or the taste to suffer. Upon thawing, the opposite is the case: Here should be taken to ensure that the frozen food be particularly thawed slowly and gently. Vegetables, for example, could lose its crispness when it is given directly into the hot water. Meat and fish are particularly sensitive and should be taken in the ideal case the night before from the freezer and in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. Bacteria after thawing quickly active again, so raw, frozen products should not be frozen a second Time.

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