Five people were rescued from the apartment fire in southwest Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Fire engulfed an apartment building in the South-West of the capital. The message about the fire on Leninsky Prospekt received on Friday morning, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

it is Noted that in the house 85 at the address lit apartment on the second floor. The fire area was 10 square meters.

“Fire and rescue departments in the course of exploration and extinguish the fire rescued five people”, – have informed in control Centre in crisis situations of the Moscow Central Board MOE.

it is Noted that the fire managed to be liquidated. According to some, in the apartment of the cotton, the result of which was broken glass. Currently clarified the details and the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier, three people were rescued during a fire in high-rise building in Northern Moscow. The fire started in a house on the street Khachaturian in the capital’s Otradnoye district. From the building were also evacuated 10 people, no one was hurt.

Three people were rescued during a fire in the apartment buildings on the North of Moscow.

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