Rebecca Naish from Amersham was with Virgin Atlantic on the way from London Heathrow to Las Vegas. On your seat, a Surprise awaited the young woman she had probably not expected.

woman on the edge of your seat lace knickers on a flight to Las Vegas

Naish explained to the British Portal, The Sun: “I sat down, and on my chair, a black lace was pants – only in the case of a flight to Vegas, you will find something! The man next to me was horrified. I had to wait a while to make flight attendants aware of me.” No one can tell who the panties belonged to.

Eventually, a flight attendant then came by, removed the panties and Naish excuse. Naish was amused about the whole incident and posted a picture of the underwear without the owner on Twitter.

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Other Users, in contrast, showed more outraged by the raunchy find. So a seemingly bright excitement – wrote, perhaps, but also with a touch of irony: “I can’t imagine the Horror to which they were exposed, I find it unbelievable that such an incident could happen, there are organizations who are experts in the field of Traumatic stress disorder. Let’s not forget the bravery of the Stewardess that she has disposed of.” Another remarked, “or, at Least, the seat is wipeable.”

Also an employee of Virgin Atlantic responded on Twitter and wrote: “hi Rebecca, I’m so sorry that this was your place, as they climbed into the plane. Please make a member of the Crew immediately aware of it.”

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