Allershausen – Club-Fans from the district usually have to travel far to see your favorite team live in the stadium. Not so on Wednesday, Since the 1 occurs. FC Nuremberg against the Swiss Vice-champion FC Basel at the test game and on the sports grounds of the TSV Allershausen. Kick-off is at 17.30.

“We expect 500 to 1000 spectators,”

two renowned football teams of the samples in the village of Allershausen in the case of an emergency, is ultimately due to a lucky circumstance: Basel has pitched his training camp in Rottach-Egern and a preparation game with the 1. FC Nuremberg agreed – “because of Hausen is located about in the middle,” says TEC head of Department Philipp Jordan. “In addition, the Basler must then continue to the airport and not far away from us.”

So that the TSV is now in the enjoyment to the Fans of a football titbits present. “We expect 500 to 1,000 spectators,” says Jordan. But that of course brings a certain amount of organizational effort: “We have to ask ourselves pretty much on the hind legs. Meanwhile, there are 30 to 40 volunteers.“ From the Parking attendants up to the Cashier and to the folder. “We also have got high requirements of the police.” Keywords: admission control and pyrotechnics. “The fire brigade will be in use, the police and the knights of St John will be present – even if we are naturally good things, that everything is normal. This is sure to be a great event.“

children up to 14 years have free entry

Who is the test match between 1. FC Nürnberg and FC Basel not to be missed, you will not have to resort to deep in the bag: children up to 14 years have free entry, others pay twelve euros (reduced ten euros). And a tip for all the football lovers from all over the Hausen and environment: “they should come on foot or by bike, in order to relieve the Parking situation,” says Jordan.

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