Flown in Vietnam by the mayor of Tambov has received 400 000 prize

That is, you have to understand that these 24 would have done the same… the Prize was discharged from the city’s budget. No, well, che such?

Natalia Makarevich flew to Vietnam on March 16, three days after the world health organization declared Europe as the new centre of the pandemic COVID-19. One after the other was closed to international air port.

making Excuses: she could not know, Asia is not Europe. So what is a leader, if not to perform alarming situation at least a step forward?

Criticize ordinary citizens, who at that time flooded no clue where to tours, and with whom to take example?

Many Russian officials of all ranks and the main regional doctors, seems to be endowed with the responsibility people as the chain broke this March.

Flew to Thailand, the head physician of the Kaluga hospital, chief oncologist of the Perm Krai concealed that rested in Turkey and is now suspected COVID-19… the Main children’s doctor of Bashkiria went to Europe, then home, then to Moscow, and again in Ufa.

the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Oleg Sokolov, arrived from holiday in the EU, is now checked. The Director of the Department of education of Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty) Edmond Igoshin rested unscheduled in Thailand.

And that’s not all, learnt media.

Well, apofigeus of apathy already hackneyed story of Galina Sannikova, infektsionisti of the Stavropol territory, who has returned from Spain, had contracted itself and has infected more than a dozen people exposed to her patients and doctors indefinitely locked now quarantined in the regional infectious diseases hospital.

In March 2024, in the midst of a worldwide epidemic of coronavirus and it is not in the official season of summer vacations, the mayor of Tambov Natalia Makarevich at some godforsaken Vietnamese village: “This trip was important to me and my daughter. Unfortunately, because of employment we very rarely normal human communication”, – she said in social networks, when to hide aboutotsutstvie the head of the regional center became impossible.

the impression, they say, poor woman, abandoned child, for years without seeing the mother, the ringing in the responsible work. “Dinner is in the fridge. Soup concentrates, steaks…”

For a moment, it turned out that the daughter is 27 years. So no need to put pressure on the pity.

the Vacation of the head of Tambov Natalia Makarevich ends on Monday, March 30. Just when the President declared a week.

Ordinary people, who returned from abroad, going to catch the criminals the judge, to put in infectious hospital, in the best case – lock home in isolation for 14 days.

the state Duma toughens punishment for those who through ignorance or stupidity, broke the quarantine and someone infected. To five years of imprisonment, huge fines.

that’s right.

But why are these measures practically does not concern authority? Why for what some want to punish others write award?

“the reason for non-payment of the award would be deficiencies in the work performed by these officers,” wrote the Deputy Gordumy Alexey Vlaskin on his Facebook page.

So, no reason?

Assuming the post of the head of Tambov in September 2019, the year, Natalia Makarevich has publicly promised to work 25 hours a day. And to get subordinates to plow the same regardless of weekends and holidays: “”I ask you to forget that you had fixed working hours. As far as I know, all of the people here it is normalized”, – she said firmly.

So where she spends those 25 hours, about which so zealously promised?

And, to be honest – it is unlikely we would have heard about these official trips, if suddenly closed all over the world the boundaries of physical impossibility to get home. Maybe these responsible comrades before flying, didn’t get caught. And now, back in time, many of the leaders of the volunteer to sit in quarantine, if not publicity?

No, of course, well, Tambov mayor’s daughter and all is well and in a remote village they are under the supervision of doctors.

But what about the Tambov? It cured three of the infected patients also arrived from abroad.

the City without a mayor is operating normally, so that may not be necessary to go back? Not at home, and the post?