For the first Time after more than three decades, have allowed to pursue women is a game of the Iranian national football team in the stadium. However, The number of viewers was very limited and by the competent authorities selected.

According to the news Agency Isna Iran against Bolivia were at the game about 100 women in Tehran’s Asadi stadium. Among them relatives of players, female employees of the Iranian football Federation and members of the Iranian women’s national team.

This could be “the beginning of a new Era” in Iran, he is welcome, said Iran’s Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz after the 2:1 of his team on Tuesday evening. The Iranian authorities had allowed women, at the request of the football Federation of Iran participation in the game.

Positive Echo in the media

Also in the Iranian media, the presence of women, held at the stadium with a positive response. They added, however, that many female Fans remained denied access to the stadium.

The ultraconservative clergy in the country is of the view that Islamic women had no place in football stadiums with frenzied male Fans, and vulgar Slogans. The efforts of the Iranian football Federation, the sports Ministry and even President Hassan Ruhani to change this point of view, had until now with little success.

At the world Cup in Russia, women in Iran were allowed to games in the stadium, but only for Public Viewing. For many in the country, a stadium ban for women in the 21st century. Century is no longer portable, but the clergy continues to insist on its rigid and outmoded attitude.


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