The St. for Stefan. With a saints, we have not do it so. But famous Klaus St. Rainer is now anyway. First, because he worked behind the Bar in the Munich Institution of Schumann’s. Then, because he founded the most beautiful Bar in the world, the Golden Bar in the Haus der Kunst in Munich. And now, because he can be again something New has come up. The Wabi-Sabi-Shibui is the new favorite store of Munich.

Wabi Sabi is Japanese and stands for an aesthetic concept, it’s about finding the beauty in Imperfection. It is also a way of life but setting. A, Klaus St. Rainer has internalized and which has inspired him in the creation of the Wabi-Sabi-Shibui. It’s not a Bar in the classic sense, which is created in the centre of Munich. The Drinks are also served during the day, this makes before midnight; by the way, you can SIP even ramen-soup?, furnishings and flowers, you can buy or drink tea. We meet Klaus St. Rainer in the context of the World Class Global Finals, where he was next to the chef, Oliver, Long a judge of one of the two German judges and the 56 world’s best Bartender on the Mixing-Skills, Hospitality, and Performance.

ICONIST: Mr Rainer, how do you get from a traditional cash transaction for the Japanese tea ceremony?

Klaus St. Rainer: In the ‘ 90s, I have for five years in a Bar with Japanese cuisine, worked. The Japanese mentality has impressed me at the time, already hard. As openly a perfectionist, there is no country which sets higher standards in terms of professionalism. I grew up in the classic Bar-and-star-gastronomy – both to my life. However, with the Wabi-Sabi-Shibui, I fulfilled another life dream.

ICONIST: a kind of inner Conviction?

Rainer: it was clear for Us, if we make the Charge, then he needs to clearly stand out from the Golden Bar. At the same time, we wanted to remain credible. As regards the concept of Japanese there was really only one logical answer: the.

ICONIST: How can you tell the guest that it runs a bit different here than usual?

Rainer: In the Wabi-Sabi-Shibui we have omitted things that only make Trouble, problems or discussions. We have not, for example, no more phone, it is even possible to reserve. You just have to look over. The concept is a mix of current criticism on a variety of things with which I disagree. Also, our mono spirits concept can be understood as a silent Protest. For example, against the, in my view, is totally exaggerated Gin-Hype of the last few years, as anyone who has produced by the students of the WG to the design office, its own Gin. We only offer a – and then the high quality of what you can get.

ICONIST: The Wabi-Sabi-Shibui is a café, a Restaurant, a Bar and a Concept Store in One, how does that fit together?

Rainer: Our concept is simple, to sell beautiful things and at the end everything looks coherent. So many nice, good and creative people have for the Wabi-Sabi-Shibui think of something. With Klaus Lohmar of the workshop Munich, I run, for example, since 2009, the Shaker manufactory, he has contributed a Sushi Set made of silver for us. Hannes Roether, who also made the Bar-in Uniform for the Golden Bar, has designed a special apron for us. Christian Tschida, one of my biggest heroes as a winemaker made a wine bottling for us, and my old friend and colleague, Hans Reisetbauer, a Cherry brandy bottled. Everywhere, the overall concept of Wabi Sabi is taken into account, we use beautiful fabrics, Smooth next to Rough, Old next to New, Expensive in addition to Cheap.

ICONIST: And then have you integrated also a flower shop!

Rainer: The has come up with my business partner, Leonie of Carnap. Incredibly beautiful, incredibly clever! Flowers, like people, it takes them time to time. Some may find the fact pretty funny that you can be in the evening and then a sorry bunch of flowers to take home. It is just nice to work with such stuff, and very inspirational. The flowers, the cancel, we use, in order to close the cycle of sustainability, also as a decoration for the Drinks.

ICONIST: The concept of Wabi Sabi is not in this country, established still, not everyone can make something of it. It still works, especially in such a traditional city like Munich?

Rainer: It certainly takes its time until it is fully adopted. You have to work out its reputation with quality and friendliness. The fact that it takes word gets out. In the Golden Bar, it took some time. But, as before, we are sure to be on the right Track. In purely economic terms, if you want to quickly have the Store fully, you can be a different concept to think of. But that was never the intention. We wanted to fulfill a dream and a Shop, we are happy.

For all who can’t make it in the next time to Munich, has given Klaus St. Rainer us a recipe for a Wabi-Sabi Drink: the “White Yuzu Negroni”.

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