In the year 1794, Andreas Chews received the electoral Bavarian production privilege for the manufacture of paper and paper processing. Exactly 100 years later, in 1894, the company was awarded the title of “Royal Bavarian purveyor to the court” awarded.

1927 bought the company Andreas Chews the company Max Bullinger and firmierte starting from this date “KAUT-BULLINGER & CO”. This was CHEWING the birth of the company-BULLINGER in rosenstraße, as everyone knows Munich.

the First address for lovers of first-class writing culture + © Kaut-Bullinger

In the post-war, the company recovered Germany of the fifties, more and more, and expanded its customer base. A look at the diverse fleet of vehicles for delivery and customer service activities for Munich and the Region as a whole, evidenced by the recovery of KAUT-BULLINGER from the middle of the previous century.

+ © Kaut-Bullinger

Since 1992, the headquarters of the company, including its own logistics and warehouse capacity is located in Taufkirchen, near Munich. KAUT-BULLINGER, Germany has far many thousands of commercial customers and can deliver around 20,000 of office supplies.

In the retail sector is KAUT-BULLINGER is today the first address in Munich for lovers of first-class writing culture and individual gifts, as well as for students and artists.

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“office. School. Writing culture.“, therefore, is for our specialist business. Whether it’s Beautiful or Practical – as a family company, we stand for generations, for the best product quality and sincere Service. Our long-standing Tradition makes us experts, so that we can offer our customers the right products for their needs and a Service to match. Talk to us at any time if you have any special requests for the office, school or writing culture.

CHEW 225 years-BULLINGER, we want to celebrate with you in January. Therefore, we start our anniversary year with a special folder-action of LEITZ.

+ © Munich Ticket

Until the beginning of February, we will offer you numerous special promotions around the theme of “order in the office.” In addition, we are giving away together with LEITZ, in this period 3 coupons from München Ticket in the amount of 100,- €.

you can Visit us in our shop in rose-street directly at the Marienplatz – immerse yourself in our office world and take part in the competition. We look forward to seeing you!

We look forward to seeing you!


rose road 8
80331 München

opening Hours: Mo.-Sa.: 09.30-20:00 Uhr



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