Cologne – The Cologne sharks have separated surprisingly by coach Peter Draisaitl (53). The former German national ice hockey player has to go after 14 months, the eight-time German champion out of the Rhineland, the club announced on Monday. The Post is immediately filled: It takes until the end of the season, the canadian Dan Lacroix (49) that acts at the same time as the national coach of Lithuania.

“completed, We have in the last few weeks, a very detailed analysis of our sporting range. As a result, we have taken decisions of which we are convinced that you will be the basis for sporting success, and the stabilization of the sharks,” said sharks CEO Philipp Walter. In this context, the contract with sports Director Mark Mahon is to be extended for a further two years to 2024.

Recently, the Cologne sharks conceded, among other things, in front of almost 50,000 spectators, against the arch-rival Düsseldorfer eg in the open-air spectacle of the DEL a defeat.

Cologne sharks: Draisaitl-dismissal prior to the Playoff-the beginning of the “necessary”

Peter Draisaitl, the dismissal was met with a surprise: “I didn’t see it coming, but I have to accept the decision. I can now only say thank you for letting me work in Cologne, and I would have done it, of course, like longer,” said the father of national team player and NHL professional Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers) in the “Kölner Express”.

The sharks are after 41 of 52 game table, fifth days, and are on the verge of qualifying for the Playoffs. “We are convinced that a change of coach in the current Situation, and with respect to the main rounds-the final sprint and the upcoming Playoffs, was necessary to the Team, to develop, in spite of the extraordinary situation, sporty,” said Mahon.

Lacroix was since the 2006/07 season with a one-year break in the NHL, the last four years as an assistant Coach with the Montreal Canadiens. He previously stood for the New York Rangers, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Islanders as an assistant coach behind the gang. In his 14-year playing career, Lacroix was gained in 1997 with the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup final.



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