The Federal Minister of transport, the CSU should have the Green keep in the past ten years, especially a lot of money to Bavaria passed. “Since the CSU has taken in the year 2009, the transport Department, each year, a higher proportion of the budget to Bavaria, and that is definitely not a coincidence,” said Green party Vice Oliver Krischer of the “Rheinische Post”. The Greens had derived from the responses of the ministries on small requests.

Krischer spoke of a “very special type of financial equalisation among the States” by the CSU-the Minister of transport: “More money for Bayern, less for the other provinces.”

the Federal transport Ministry rejects allegation

The Federal transport Ministry rejected these allegations immediately. “The distribution of Federal highway funds on the Federal States is carried out according to need, not according to direction – according to clear, fixed criteria and mechanisms,” said the authority. These criteria are all countries known and would be accepted by these “so”.

the elderly in road transport Should make older people in Germany driving tests?

The newspaper “the world”, according to show a comparison of the actual expenditure, for example, for the Federal highways but that Bayern have been receiving for ten years, not only in absolute Numbers, always the most money, but also the largest increase in the allocation of funds in the accounts. Last year, 2,003 billion euros have been invested in the roads in the free state.

NRW received significantly less than Bayern

The most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with its dense motorway network has received thus 1,393 billion euros. In 2008, 1,009 billion euros flowed to Bavaria, NRW 972 million. A similar increase in funds in this period of time, such as Bavaria, can be found only in Baden-Württemberg.


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