fungi are also found in nature. You live, therefore, never completely free of mold, but if the fungi that likes to live in the apartment, exposed to the residents of a high concentration of spores in the breathing air. The spores of the fungi, but also substances which are responsible for the fungi that lead to health problems. This infestation, we must not take lightly. Mold requires a cool, moisture, on dry surfaces, no mold is forming. The first question is therefore: Where is the moisture? They can form from humidity or a leak penetrate.

If water does not penetrate through a leak

If the water comes from the air, but a leak is caused, it must first be the Ingress of water stopped. Other measures do not lead to a sustainable success. Most of all it brings nothing to seal the inner side of the wall behind a damp spot on the wall or seal. The moisture damage will spread and lead to other problems.

the humidity of the outside walls, cracks in the wall, leaks, sockets, or balconies, or to the rain gutters be the cause. These Places need to be renovated and sealed. In the case of tenants the landlord is responsible for.

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But beware: always comes the water from the outside. Most water leaks occur inside the building through small leaks in water and sewer pipes. You can also be for damp masonry is responsible. People often forget that the silicone seals around the shower and bathroom are not made for eternity. If you are not renewed in regular intervals, do not hold tightly, then water comes into the space under the sink and finds its way.

When moisture due to humidity arises

In most cases, the fungal infection is caused by the ingress of moisture, it is created by the residents. Therefore, the General statement that the landlord must take care of mold is not correct. In a small apartment ten liters of water quickly at the very day. Only through sweating and Breathing, each Person brings about a Liter of moisture a day into the air. Showers leads to the largest moisture entry, then cooking and drying the Laundry follow. Extensive duration of showers, Pets, or a lot of indoor plants to propel the value upwards. But it is also a diet kitchen with long cooking times transported a lot of water in the air. You must think of the Air: The circulating fan above the hob filters, although odors and grease from the air, but he takes no water.

Large quantities of water

Ten litres a day, which is a whole bucket. Week 70 litres of it – in the month of two full bathtubs. This amount of course does not remain in the air, because so much water is able to absorb the amount of air of the apartment. You can only escape by Air. The amount of information does not indicate that occasional short Airing is not sufficient, it must be regularly and thoroughly aired. Otherwise, the humidity increases in the apartment above the recommended 40 to 60 percent.

Now the physics comes into play, namely the law of the relative humidity. It States that warmer air can hold more water than cold. The air is damp in the apartment, begins to condense the water on cold and windless Places of the apartment. Typically this might be in a bit of a heated bedroom. Especially mold making it has when in cool rooms “calm” zones are created – such as behind a Cabinet wall. It is also conceivable that an outer wall insulated is bad or that cold bridges in the wall to allow individual zones to be particularly cool.

Practical household tip joints to keep clean – candle-wax How to remedy the situation?

make sure that the spaces in which mold forms, are among the coldest in the apartment – even if you like to sleep in cool temperatures, must be heated, the room and be aired. There are cold zones in the masonry, they should not be foreclosed by cabinets or mirror of the fresh air.

What air means to Push?

Heating is expensive, no one likes to keep, therefore in the Winter for hours with the window open. Experts recommend airing the so-called Shock. Airing does not mean simply a window open, all the Windows of the apartment should be open so that a draught is created. In Winter, you should repeat the procedure three Times a day. The recommended time is in the winter months, five minutes, in the summer it increases to 25 minutes per operation. After getting Up, showering or cooking in the rooms should be ventilated. So the recommendation, most of the air is significantly less. Just in the insulated housing, the leads to problems, because the walls and Windows of the premises complete, almost air-tight.

you Can remove mould?

Superficial fungal infection can be achieved by appropriate Sprays to combat, the black surfaces disappear after a few days. Professional resources from the specialist trade, are particularly effective. Here are the safety instructions must be observed scrupulously. Respiratory protection is mandatory. These resources usually contain chlorine compounds. During the application you do not or only to a very limited extent can use the space. If the mold is not sitting but only on the surface, but the Material has penetrated, it must be replaced. This may be the Wallpaper, but also the back of a Cabinet wall, but it can also be infested with an entire dry wall.

fresh air to avoid mildew: So ventilate your apartment properly Technical helper

The humidity by a Hygrometer simple and reliable monitor. So, you can determine quickly and reliably whether there are zones with high levels of humidity in your home. It is worthwhile to invest in a more expensive device with a memory function.

Special moisture measuring devices will tell you if a wall is soaked through. The measurement of the wall is a complex area of the moisture, however, the layman will get with such a device, only reference values.

More Ventilation, more Heating and less showers – it’s easy to say, but often habits are not so easy to change. In this case, the devices help to dehumidify. However, it not a drying device for construction sites and new buildings in the apartment. Also handy devices on a daily basis to drag ten to 15 litres of water out of the air. With such a dehumidifier, the Problem of condensation is resolved quickly.

Severe cases of mold infestation

Smaller Schimmelzonen a limited intrusion of water caused around or by condensation, you can even fight. It is different in the case of mildew infestation, which is penetrated in the structural substance. For example, if there is paneling behind the wood or under the parquet or laminate floor mildew. Here you can not get around.

sources: environmental information Munich (PDF), TÜV Süd (PDF)

do-it-yourselfers Eight problems in house and apartment repair, you can

Also, if it is not a joy: Dark water castle are spots in the corner, a leaky drain, or a crunching repairs that you cannot push on the long Bank. Small problems can quickly become costly repairs.

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