Wolfgang Fischer, managing Director of the downtown merchants Association, city partner, speaks of a bad news. “The city has been through enough in recent years with public transport”, writes he. “It is not enough. Now is the time to do something.“ He calls from the train, you should let customers to this weekends free to travel.

The Saturdays are fishermen, that by far the strongest sales days of the week. In the case of a footfall count in may, it was revealed that twice as many passers-by on Saturday as on Tuesday, in the pedestrian area on the road. Normally. Because if the master track is locked, prevents usually a part of the customer – in particular from the countryside – the journey to the city centre. “And now to four week in a row,” said Fischer. He says: “It’s not just retailers and customers, but also to thousands of employees, the need to accept a significant impediment on the way to work and home.”

S-Bahn-block in Munich: The tunnel stations

On the four August weekends, the stem will stretch from Friday evening against 22.30 clock until Monday morning at around 4.30 partially or completely blocked. Next weekend (2. to 5. August), from 9. to 12. August and from 16. to 19. August, no S-Bahn between Donnersbergerbrücke and Ostbahnhof. On The Weekend 23. to 26. August is then locked and the entire route between Pasing and Ostbahnhof. The reason: The tunnel stations to be modernised, to Work for the construction of the second stem section and at the Arnulf bridge instead. Also the installation of new plates, more goes to cover, for example, of the stations of the main train station and Marienplatz.

+ Wolfgang Fischer of city partner© Bodmer

What the path says to the allegations ? “We are not aware of the fact that the closures for the passengers are easy,” admits a spokeswoman for the S-Bahn. The demand for Free trips on the weekends with a trunk route, blocking you from smashes but. “We would like to point out that we offer a powerful replacement concept, the us is not only logistically, but also financially quite demanding. All the rides free of charge to offer us, therefore, not possible.“ Wolfgang Fischer replies: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” He is mad: “for decades, the infrastructure has been completely neglected – have to pay for the passengers and the city.”

replacement transport in Munich: buses in place of trams in the city centre

Who’s driving yet, on the week of August in the city centre have to change to replacement transport: buses replace S trains in a tight clock, and the passengers between Pasing, main and Ostbahnhof can use the regional trains. The railway spokeswoman said: “on behalf of and at the expense of the S-Bahn, the U5 and the tram line 19 between the Central station and Pasing on Saturdays more often.” Passengers would, therefore, in spite of the closures, well from A to B. “And they are the ones to benefit from the construction projects that are urgently needed. We build as a DB, so it will be better. Short-term fixes to be Affected in the next few years, not avoid, however, they are a long-term Benefit of all citizens in the Metropolitan area of Munich.“

read also: The Association of Munich’s city centre, merchant City partners, criticized the planned blocking of the S-Bahn trunk line on all weekends in August

and demands as compensation that all passengers can use the rail replacement transport to the city centre and back free of charge.

With compensation not be able to count commuters, in particular, the S-Bahn customers with time cards. “According to the terms and conditions of the MVV, there is no claim for damages, including closures, in this frequency,” says Julia Zeller of the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern. “And there are no laws that the rules.” The S-Bahn was only obliged to ensure a other movement.

The next Trouble is in sight: another trunk line blocking was already in place for the weekend 18. to 21. October announced.

The second trunk line is becoming more and more noticeable. Currently the Deutsche Bahn published the plans in a press conference – and has some good news for a district. Second trunk route gets third tube: A district now from the site, spared

unit of time plan for the construction of the second trunk route to slump even further?

So I want to get on the Munich-based Mega-project the curve


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