From rock to the classics: in Moscow will present the musical

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the musical “Castle of dreams”, MIA Kushnir Prodakshn

metamusil Premiere of “Castle of dreams” will be held March 6 and 7 in Vegas City Hall. This unique show, which combines different epochs and combines various musical styles – from rock to classics. And all this unites the eternal theme of love.

the Plot is based on the legend that somewhere on Earth there is a Castle of Wishes, and whoever finds it, will find happiness. The main character wants to be happy and goes in search of. Already desperate to find him, he unexpectedly meets an old man who is the steward of the Castle and reveals to him the way there. Suddenly the hero finds himself in the middle Ages, becoming witness and participant of the amazing events that took place in the Castle.

This is a story that in life we are surrounded by many temptations: money, power, seduction, but the most important thing in life is always love.

In the musical, busy famous actors: Andrey Belyavsky (“Graf Orlov”, “Scarlet sails”, “Notre-Dame de Paris” show Ilya Averbuch “city Lights”) and Igor Portnoy (MAMMA MIA!, “Beauty and the Beast,” “treasure Island,” “Jesus Christ superstar”, the canadian production of “phantom of the Opera” and “Ragtime”).

And the author of the musical material was Ely Litvinovich – sound producer, composer, the author more than 400 songs, created for artists from the UK, Canada and USA and Russian artists, among them DJ Matuya, Elena Lenskaya, Irina Ortman, Maria Koltsova, Chris Peyton, and others.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the musical “Castle of dreams”, MIA Kushnir Prodakshn

“In this music project we decided to combine what are usually afraid to connect, says Director Igor Rubtsov. We connect completely different styles and adapt to our history and to look exciting, bright and whole. For example, in the mix dance classics with contemporary Waugh, modern, hip-hop, street jazz. So with the costumes: the plot withtemporality resonates with the middle Ages, so the elements of medieval parts of your wardrobe we have mixed with details of modern clothes or even clothes in the future. We try to make a seamless story from slovosochetanij details.”

All songs of the musical during a performance performed live.

Details are available at the link.