From the gallery in Stockholm was kidnapped more than a dozen works Given

Photo: AP Photo

more than ten bronze sculptures by Salvador Dali was stolen from a gallery in Stockholm, Dagens Nyheter reports.

it is Reported that unknown people broke into the building of the gallery and stole 10 or 12 works of the master. Discovered the fact of the robbery at 4am.

“the Total value of stolen is about 3-4 million euros (about 300-400 thousand euros),” – said the gallery owner Couleur Peder Instrum.

police have started investigating.

Earlier it became known that at the Moscow Manege exhibition of paintings of Salvador Dali presents more than 180 works. The exhibition has sold more than 35 thousand of online tickets, of which 10 thousand sold in the first day of the exhibition.

in addition, the organizers of the Moscow exhibition had to be extended working hours due to the large influx of visitors.

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