Nutritionist debunked myths about the exclusive benefits of olive oil

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Sivtsov

Nutritionist and gastroenterologist Dr. Dianova in an interview with Moscow 24 told why olive oil cannot be considered healthier than the sunflower. According to experts, its properties are greatly exaggerated.

“it All depends on the taste preferences of the person, the availability of oil at price, depends on where you live. Olive oil is not our product, it is imported, therefore more expensive. The main components of both oils are the same – omega-6 and omega-9. Almost an equal number are contained in both,” said Dianova.

According to experts, in the case of olive, and sunflower oils it is better to choose unrefined, because the level of vitamin E in such products is higher.

Vitamin E is most in sunflower oil. If we want to extend our longevity and beauty, it is better to give preference to sunflower. Vitamin E in conjunction with vitamins a and C helps to fight cancer. Also sunflower oil helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, and this is now important because we all live in stress.
Nuria Dinowalrus-nutritionist

the Nutritionist added that it is important for the body variety. “I always recommend to buy a small portion of oil of different types, one month – one thing and another – the second. The brain needs variety,” concluded Dianova.

Earlier it was reported that in Roskoshestvo analyzed the composition of olive and sunflower oils. The organization said that a significant difference between the products is not revealed.

“Experts of Roskoshestvo analyzed the composition of olive and sunflower oils on the amount of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, vitamins, active biological substances, and came to the conclusion that say about the superiority of one oil over the other is impossible”, – is spoken in the message of the organization.

Nutritional value of any vegetable oil is evaluated on the basis of the presence of fatty acids – linolenic, linoleic and oleic. According to estimates of expertsLtd, sunflower oil contains more omega-6, while the olive is rich in omega-9.

In Roskoshestvo drew the attention of consumers that are themselves fatty acids promote tissue nutrition, improve blood circulation and prevention of atherosclerosis. In turn, monounsaturated reduce cholesterol and fight against the formation of blood clots.

One of the elements of the difference between olive and sunflower oils experts called the content of vitamin E in foods.So, in the first case we are talking about 12 milligrams per 100 grams of oil, and the second has about 40-60 milligrams for the same amount.

Sunflower oil is also distinguished by a high content of lecithin, reduces the level of cholesterol and olive experts note the presence of phenolic compounds, which slow down the aging of cells.

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