From the hospital in Kommunarka for the last day prescribed 41

Chief physician of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko said on his Facebook page that 41 people were discharged from the medical institution in recent days.

He noted that over the past day in the hospital in Kommunarka received 29 people. Care is 389.

Of them a confirmed diagnosis of pneumonic disease there from 345 patients. From 226 people found the infection is coronavirus infection.

in addition, according to Protsenko, 32 patients currently remains in the intensive care unit. 14 of them connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs.

April 6 at the medical center in Kommunarka enrolled 62 people. According Protsenko, a large proportion of people with severe disease due to infection COVID-19, belong to young age category.

on 31 March at the head physician of the medical center in Kommunarka were identified coronavirus. He moved to the remote performance of duties. Later it became known that Protsenko feels good and waiting to return to the hospital. In addition, the disease is the physician not severe.

currently, Russia recorded 6343 cases of infection with coronavirus. Under medical observation in connection with suspected presence of infection in the body are more than 198 thousand people.

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