General Mamontov: what has become the most dangerous enemy of red

Biography 25/02/20 General Mamontov: what has become the most dangerous enemy of red

a Large military potential leader of the don General Konstantin Mamontov was recognized even by his enemies, in particular Budyonny. But the absurd and mysterious death of this pet Cossack troops prevented one of the most intelligent commanders of the White army to use their command ability.

Trotsky was “rebaptized”

Actually, the Mammoth was not a Mammoth at all, but Мамàнтов, so the name of Konstantin Konstantinovich was written in metric, and in all other documents. “Crossed” the white cavalry of General Leon Trotsky. With its “light hand” Mamantov and turned into a mammoth.

the Mammoths was a career cavalryman, 1899 – staff officer of the don Cossacks. The captain fought in the Japanese war in the TRANS-Baikal Cossack regiment, was promoted to troop Sergeant. After the war he continued service in the don Cossack regiment. In the First world Mammoths has already commanded a cavalry regiment, received the rank of major General and brigade of the Cossack division.

was repeatedly punched in the cavalry Budennogo

in the autumn of 1917, the brigade of General Mamontov-on-don. At the beginning of next year at the helm he created a partisan detachment Konstantin breaks in Novocherkassk and leads the Cossack connection in the Salsk steppes (the so-called Steppe trip). Red army commander Semyon Budyonny spoke approvingly of the command qualities of his adversary – relationship Budyonny cavalry Cossacks General Mamontov repeatedly beaten. Semyon Mikhailovich believed Konstantin Konstantinovich most sensible cavalry General Peter Krasnov and Denikin Anton – Budyonny was impressed by the literacy and audacity to take decisions Mamontov, the skillful use of cavalry against the red army infantry.

Strange castling

in the Spring of 1918 the cavalry of Mamontov was supported by the Cossacks of the don district of the Second, VossTausig against the Reds. Regiments and brigades, led by Cossack General, this year participated in the battle of Tsaritsyn. In 1919, the White movement, formed the Armed forces of South Russia. Mamontov, first appointed commander of the don army, and then half of the Cossack corps. From July, 1919 under the command of General 4 th don cavalry corps, which was soon complemented by frayed in the battles of the cavalry corps of Andrei Shkuro, half a cavalry division and became horse of the group.

General Mamontov in December of that year was suddenly suspended from command of the cavalry group, leaving him with only one hull. The group was given at the beginning of General Wrangel, commander of the Caucasian army. And over Mamontov set of General Sergey Ulaga, who was also Junior in rank. Mammoths, enraged, threw the command and left their Cossack units. Week lasted telegramma correspondence with Denikin, while the Don part is finally brought back Mamontov.

the Mammoths had an enormous influence on the Cossacks. If not for his sudden illness, he would had a great chance to lead all the Cossack army after the removal of Denikin and Wrangel – this mood was the Supreme Cossack circle, held in the beginning of 1920, in Ekaterinodar, at this meeting was also attended by the General.

Killed as an unwanted rival?

the Mammoths fell ill with typhus. The disease proceeded long and hard, but after the crisis there is a real chance for recovery. However, the General died. Why death and not checked. Mamontova the wife then claimed that her husband was poisoned: that an unfamiliar nurse injected the patient the poison, and then disappeared from the hospital. Of course, now find out the real cause of the death of K. K. Mamontov is no longer possible.

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