What became of the three daughters of Sonya Golden hand

Crime 18/02/20 What became of the three daughters of Sonya Golden hand

the Famous adventurer sheindl sur blyuvshteyn, better known by the criminal nickname Sonya “Golden hand”, was a very loving person, several times officially to marry and had a considerable amount of lovers. From these relationships, the criminal beauties were born three daughters, although some sources mention about the presence of her son.

Sura-Rivka Isaakovna Rosenbad

the first-born Sonya is the daughter of Sura-Rivka, was born in 1864 in the town of Povonzki (Warsaw province). The child’s father – a grocer Isaac Rosenbad, the day of his marriage to 16-year-old adventurer, could hardly expect that his family experience barely make it to two years.

Eager adventurous wife, who was much younger Rosenbad, failed to come to terms with a steady flow of life, and in a “perfect day” is out of the family nest. Before to leave him, Sonya stole from unloved husband, and went in search of adventure with a recruit Rubinstein, but without her daughter. Sura-Rivka she left to the former spouse, not because he felt for her any maternal feelings.

In the future, the criminal didn’t think about the native krovinochku. In 1897 who were in exile Sonya talked with the writer Vlas Doroshevich, lamenting: “I am already old, I is no longer in power… I just would like to see the kids. I have since left two daughters. I don’t even know whether they are alive or not. Any news I have from them. Ashamed, maybe, a mother, forgotten, and maybe died… well with them? I only know that they’re Actresses. In the operetta, in the pages”. In this case, Sonya “Golden hand” talked about his other two children, while remaining in the care of their father, the eldest daughter of Sura-Rivka, was completely erased from her life.

Tabba M. Blyuvshteyn

Tabba Blyuvshteyn rodilas in 1875, when her mother was in a legal relationship with the Romanian card cheat Mikhail Bluvshtein was operating in railway transport. About childhood and adolescence, middle daughter Sonya “Golden hand” virtually nothing is known, except what grew and she was raised in an orphanage. Inherited from the parents of the adventurous nature and artistic abilities, Tabba, endowed with nature’s amazing lyric-coloratura soprano, has been successfully performed on stage operettas under the pseudonym of the Immortal.

popular among the audience, she toured the cities and villages of the Russian Empire, and in 1896 her name thundered in Ekaterinoslavl. But the resonance was not associated with theatrical talent tall, handsome and aristocratic diva, and its mastermind, allows you to fool wealthy men.

In this ill-fated for her trip, Tabba charmed his voice known in the city of the owner of the jewellery shops of Fritz von Dorn, who did not miss one speech, the singer, had captivated the audience the virtuosity of the parties from the works of Johann Strauss and Jacques Offenbach.

What was his surprise when next day after the speech Tabba Immortal along with his foreign companion stood on the threshold of his outlets, wanting to see the proposed range.

spectacular Enthusiastic guests jeweler enthusiastically showed operational divas wide selection of precious jewelry, paying little attention to accompanying a foreigner with a monkey. Some time later, promising to return for her favourite necklace, a Tabby with a female companion left the shop of Fritz von Dorn, who, after they left, discovered the loss of the most expensive gems.

Frustrated, the jeweler immediately contacted the police, suspecting that his shop cleaned out a friend of a charming actress. However, the investigators began to unravel the case, made a request to Saint Petersburg and found that under the sonorous name of Tabby IMMrtney hiding Tabba Blyuvshteyn – daughter of the celebrated criminals Sonya “Golden hand”. Moreover, the role of chaperone masterfully played her younger sister Michelina Blyuvstein, also served in the operetta. Both relatives of Sonya managed to divert suspicion from himself, and they safely left the Ekaterinoslavl.

Micheline M. Blyuvshteyn

Michelin Blyuvshteyn youngest daughter, Sonya “Golden hand”, was born in 1879, and, following in the footsteps of older sister, also became an artist. Michelina often changed scenes, and in 1899 worked in is located in Saratov theatre Ochkina. Journalist Victoria Kovalchuk in the article “whether Sonka the Golden hand by an agent of the Cheka?”, noted that in the above year held a meeting of Michelini and Director of the Odessa zoo Beizer. That he is told about his “famous mom”, mentioning that all her Odessa apartment was equipped with a rare for that time telephone.

was there a son?

Researched biography of Sonya “Golden hand” journalist Oleg Gubar in the article “Lady winter from Odessa”, said the famous con in addition to daughters had a son. Officially his name was Murdoch Blyuvstein, but the documents, which he carried with him, was in the name of Joseph Dolphin. Linking his life with the underworld, he got the street nickname “the Bronze Hand” and for some time successfully wielded on the streets of Odessa. But in 1888, when the city celebrated 93 anniversary of the founding, Murdoch was arrested and deported to Warsaw, where he was born in 1861. The fate of the son of Sonya unknown.

By the way, in this version, very few adherents, since it is replete with inconsistencies. According to her Murdoch was the eldest child of Sonya, whom she gave birth at the age of 15. However, at that time she wasn’t even married to her first husband Isaac Rosenbaum, where, then, had the name of her last official husband Blyuvshteyn?

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