Ingolstadt – From the body cut away, the opening and closing watch: This provision of the measures had changed Merle (Name) by their carers to be told. However, the student had not yet stripped of its bark and never a tree, knew that you loosen with the knife the bark only, and only on very solid pieces, and the knife should be used. Merle cut from top to bottom. When a piece is not solved absolutely, after she helped with a cut from the bottom to the top. The knife slipped and landed in your eye – with massive consequences. Merle suffered a skin of a perforated horn-Iris lens injury, which had multiple surgeries. The right eye is damaged since the accident permanently.

Bavaria/Ingolstadt: girl rams a knife into the eye – Are the coaches to blame?

Before the court today, the 14-year-old student explained that they Look at problems in the sunshine and some time on the School Board have. The very reasonable-looking young people could still clearly remember the incident during a carnival holiday-leisure 2014. Therefore, you had not explained to the supervisor exactly how you should tear off the bark. But you had to get the order to collect bark for the camp fire should be lit in the “winter forest” at the lake.

The supervisor reminded the court that not all children adequate knife present had been, and Merle had been specially selected because they gastric not can-do and risk was happy to leave a joyful impression. However, probably the girl would have helped to note that you can scrape the loose bark with his hands from the tree. And probably the mother would not have logged in for the girl even if you knew with knives handled would be.

of The Bavarian youth ring, regretted the incident, but the child is the debt-to –

From the point of view of the managers had not kept the child, apparently on the instructions. In their view, the managers had met the key with one adult to five children is sufficient. In the first instance, you had given the regional court of Ingolstadt is also right. However, in the second instance the higher regional court had criticized that the Small would not have been shown exactly how the bark is peeled off. On a tree, you would have been able to with the note, from the body wegschnitzen, little start.

The Bavarian youth ring, regretted the incident, but criticized the judgment. “Every accident is one too many. Children should have free times, fun and independent Action experience,“ it said in a first statement. Such decisions on inadequate controls and safety measures would, however, unsettle the Manager. For the youth ring, the ruling could mean that he finds in the future might be more difficult to staff for. The managers, however, are not insured by the BJR.

Ingolstadt: damages for Pain and suffering were not

totals have not been enforced with the current method but still It was only on the finding that damages for Pain and suffering demand. According to the youth ring, but there are a compensation of the accident insurer, through its height, however, silence was agreed.

Merle himself was in court yesterday not present. She enjoyed how all Bavarian students on their first day. A Revision against the judgment has not been approved by the OLG.

Angela Walser

In a scuffle in a tent camp, a nine-year-old burned the Fuses:He beat and choked another boy (11) in the hospital.


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