photos of men squatting in America’s economy. Many fathers post there pictures on the Internet, if you find on the way, once again, no changing tables in the men’s room and your Baby need to change, therefore, in law uncomfortable posture of the diapers. In Germany there are for this Problem so far, only little attention. “Changing tables are mostly on ladies’ toilets and, extremely rarely, in men’s toilets”, says the Stuttgart-based SPD-councillor Dejan Perc. He and his Comrades also complain in the baden-württemberg state capital in this respect, an uneven infrastructure. The group has therefore presented an application to the municipal administration. This should examine, in the public men’s toilets baby changing tables mounted could be. Less than a year Lord mayor Fritz Kuhn (greens) with the response time and blared the concerns of the SPD.

“In General will be tolerated gentlemen in winding mission to the ladies’ room,”

An area-wide consumption and Cost inventory was due to capacity reasons, it is not affordable, it is stated in the opinion. A serious Problem for the city hall top like in the table-deficit-on mens Toilets do not recognize. She sees no need for action, and recommends pragmatism: “In General, gentlemen in winding can be tolerated mission in the ladies ‘room”, the report says. Complaints to the city were not present.

Dejan Perc, sees it differently. He was the subject of a lot of support in the social networks. The financial cost of winding-folding tables would be “manageable”. A flying visit to the ladies toilet at a cost of men, in his view, to Overcome – and even if not, he keeps the Council for the wrong Signal. The Enjoyed, it is also a question of symbolism: changing tables only in women’s toilets suggest, in your opinion, old role models, according to which the woman thing Wrap was. “It no longer fits together with the change in our society,” says Perc. Men contributed more frequently to the education of children, that would take up more often Parental leave.

In Berlin there were 2018 already made a decision

The Berlin Greens are calling for Similar. In 2018, they decided on a Congress that for both sexes accessible winding to the table in authorities and pubs duty. Where no Unisex toilets to men’s toilets will be according to the will of the Greens with baby-changing tables. The chances for implementation of the country Chairman Nina Stahr, according to good, because equal rights for the red-red-green Berlin coalition, it was a Central concern. “This also means that all parents – mothers and fathers can provide for their children,” says Stahr. In the capital city of your details to respond to more and more facilities to the appropriate Demands.

nationwide, little is known about the topic

discussed nationwide, the changing table seems to be the question for municipalities is, as yet, a marginal Problem. The German Association of cities is unknown, where there is already a requirement for changing tables in public buildings and men’s toilets is. A spokeswoman says the area is not covered. And in Stuttgart, fathers can wrap in Green start: In the urban recreational area Max-Eyth-See, a new toilet since 2017-investment – with changing table in the men’s cabin. In the future, the city wants to set up in new buildings, a separate changing area, independently of the toilets, fathers and mothers can take advantage of.

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