Golunov commented on the possible arrest of the former police officers of UVD po ZAO

Photo credit: TASS/Alexander Shcherbak

the Journalist Ivan Golunov hopes for a fair sentence for former police officers of UVD po ZAO directly involved in his arrest June 6. He told Moscow 24.

“I wish the case came to court that the court assessed the actions of the police, the actions of the people who initiated this situation. It is difficult to give any predictions, you need to wait at least a measure of restraint. As far as I know, the consequence has the materials – let’s see what rating they will give the court,” said Golunov.

in addition, the journalist hopes that the direct customer business Golunova will also be calculated. “This story is clearly not about what people have done to statistics of the crimes they revealed. The history of the custom is clear. I hope that the customer will also be identified and the court will assess his actions,” – said Golunov.

Recall: the story of the correspondent of Department of investigations of “Medusa” Ivan Golunova began on 6 June. The journalist was detained in the center of Moscow. Police said that during the search he found five packages with a powdery substance, and then the drugs found in the journalist’s home. A criminal case was initiated, and Golunova was placed under house arrest.

However, the case Golunova has caused a wide public resonance. And on 11 June, the prosecution of journalists stopped, and all charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

At the same time began an internal investigation on the case of Ivan Golunova. Vladimir Putin called the situation that happened with the journalist, arbitrariness and released from posts by the two generals.

on January 29 in the RF IC was delivered to the five former employees of the Department for control over drug trafficking of the internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC involved in the case of Ivan Golunova. They testified. SK asks Basmanny court of the capital to arrest the former police officers.

Former police planted drugs Golunova journalist – SK

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