The Song “Say no!” by Konstantin Wecker more than 25 years old. “If you make a lot of blatantly re-Nazi-songs hoot about Jews, jokes about human laughter”, it says, “then stand up and mixing you – say no!” And today, these lines sound as up to date as never before. Unfortunately. to make

the haunting song with the important message to a younger Generation, it was covered now by the Dresden musicians Ezé Wendtoin. After he posted the Video on Facebook, have exploded in the polling numbers overnight. The message came in.

More than 9,000 people shared the Video

Wendtoin who is friends with singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker, personally, was able to win for the Clip, many well-known competitors, the individual lines in the Playback-style sing-along. Comedian Atze Schröder is to see activist Raul Krauthausen, advocate for people with disabilities, author and presenter Micky beisenherz, Viva-legend Nilz Bokelberg and actor Kida Ramadan (“4 block”). And this is only a small part of the celebrity cast. Also Konstantin Wecker himself has made an appearance in the Clip.

Promo for himself or his work, this Song but neither the 34-year-old singer, who hails from Burkina Faso, all Stakeholders that play in the Video. A lot more you want to call, the right thought, decided to apply and Position. SAY “NO! Against racism, sexism, Patriarchy, propaganda, hatred, and Nazis! It’s on now. Get up and attitude,” write the creators in the description text about the song.

Ezé Wendtoin had hoped for a attention for his Song the great enthusiasm overwhelmed him completely. “This is just crazy, what’s going on,” he said in an interview with the Portal “Sä”. He was pleased with every single click and all Involved immensely grateful. The countless comments under his Facebook Post were full of hope that will spread its important message.



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