The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and suddenly it flashes. No, it is not a spontaneous Thunderstorm is raised, but the Blitzer has triggered again. Local drivers know where the speed limit is to be adhered to in any case. All the other lawns in the speed camera case.

Google is testing speed cameras Warner in Google Maps

Where the speed cameras are, tell radio stations on a regular basis. But some Apps already, and a popular application is now also a speed camera Warner – Google Maps. The navigation should be able to view the App in the future, the speed limit and speed traps on the map.

Before you are too early: In Germany, there will be new features as quickly. Google play speed camera Warner, according to the News Portal Mashable initially only in the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, and Russia; the display of the maximum permitted speed, even just in the USA, the UK and Denmark.

see also: Protestant Church calls for a speed of 130 km.

Blitzer-Warner in Google Maps id-Article-content probably not come to Germany

Germany there is so far no speech. Many other European countries are missing. This probably has to do with legal reasons. In Germany, no speed cameras may be used Apps. Anyone who is caught doing so, risked a fine in the amount of 75 Euro and a point in Flensburg.

basis for this is § forms 23, Para. 1b road traffic order: “anyone Who drives a vehicle must not operate a technical device or carry ready intended for traffic control measures, or to interfere.” Other countries in Europe go even even more stringent. In some States, up to 7,000 euros in fines, or even jail time.

Also interesting: These hefty fines, you will face when you use camera Apps.



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