her second pregnancy she announced via Instagram: Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway (36, “Ocean’s 8”) posted recently a mirror Selfie with a special message: Under her white Top, clearly a baby was belly to. The actress is expecting with husband Adam Shulman (38), with them since 2012, their second child is married. In the Post-Hathaway also spoke about the problems that you had to be pregnant. Why it was important for her to speak about it, she explained in an Interview with “Entertainment Tonight” on the edge of the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

It is> too often silent

In an Interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” said Hathaway: “I knew that someone could feel through my notice hurt. And it would not be their fault, you will feel just that when you want something so much and you get the feeling that it happens to all others, except himself.” This Person should know that you will be a part of their history and that their history “is not only happy moments” included, so Hathaway. There is to often a Silence about the pain moments that precede a pregnancy, added Hathaway. To hear “this is the pain that the women believe to be the only ones who go through this.”

At the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, the actress presented her new project: “Modern Love” is an eight-part Romcom series, in the Lexi (Hathaway) is trying to get your bipolarity in the handle and in search of the big love. “Modern Love” is on 18. October will be published on Amazon Prime Video.

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