Gordon (Ukraine):

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky first came and spoke at the world economic forum which is held these days in Davos, Switzerland, and explained why Ukraine should become an investment Mecca of Europe; why is the world in which “disasters have become a daily routine, and turmoil — a habit”, cannot unite, only in Facebook and what to do to avoid a global crisis.

— (Starts in English). I am very pleased for the first time to be here. I am the President of Ukraine, so will switch to Ukrainian. Mr chief, ladies and gentlemen. I am very pleased to be at the 50th anniversary meeting of the world economic forum. I take this opportunity to highlight the projects of the forum on Ukraine, namely: the scenario for the future of Ukraine, Geneva initiative on Ukraine, a new economic vision for Ukraine. I’m grateful for it and hope for further fruitful cooperation.

the Topics covered in Davos, always accurately illustrate the state of the world today and the challenges that face humanity. The forum brought together leaders to discuss an extremely important topic — cohesive and sustainable world. You know, I think Ukraine has something to say about it.

What is today the greatest threat to the cohesion and stability of the world? The issue of security. Security for individuals and entire countries and peoples. Modern world is changing at jet speed, which moved us into a new age. The era of the new normality (eng., this is the new normal. — approx.”GORDON”). What yesterday seemed impossible, today becoming a real reality.

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But, unfortunately, not everyone in this age is a positive. Trade war, the redistribution of territories, the rapid growth of military budgets, the separatist movement, the output of the countries of the previous international agreements. It is also, unfortunately, the new normality. And it undermines faith in humanity and makes me think: you wouldn’t fly if this world into the abyss?

We risk that the next generation, suffering from climate change, to permanent conflicts, suffering from poverty and limited access to food, will be to blame all of the world leaders, that they had a real chance to negotiate, but they are not used.

The worst thing is that disasters have become for the planet the ordinariness, and the turmoil began for mankind sometimes it’s just a habit. Like no other I know exactly what you now say. Sixth year in my country there is a war. Sixth year as Russia annexed part of the territory, despite the thousands of pages of international law and hundreds of organizations designed to protect that right. This is our new normality.

Yes, the world has United in addressing these issues, but is that enough for the Ukrainian families of the victims and those who lost their homes? Whether enough it world “concerns and concerns”? This is not enough. And it’s true. This is just one example that proves that the current architecture of the world, unfortunately, vulnerable, and existing [international] institutions are not always working as efficiently as it is required now.

the World is in need of rethinking and updating the rules, particularly the rules of international security. The world cannot be United only in Facebook, when you repost the performances of Greta Thunberg, photos of terrible fires in Australia or, unfortunately, shot down by a Ukrainian Boeing in Iran. Does this mean that all concluded? No. After all, for most a week it has already lost relevance, and in the [news] feed already knocking new high-profile newsworthy.

I do not randomly and not just at an economic forum pay so much attention to the issue of safety. After all, it is extremely important for the development of the Ukrainian economy. At the same time our philosophy is to turn their problems in their own strength. The challenges facing us, Ukrainians, mobilize and make us move faster. Inspired to do incredible and impossible. We program ourselves for positive thinking. We program ourselves for the ambitious task.

What, in your opinion, can be a challenge for a country that has lost part of its territory and is not the richest on the continent? To become a leader. Yes, to become a leader in Eastern and Central Europe. It has ambitious plans. I think it’s impossible? Many of the world’s unicorns started with crazy ideas, with multiple employees and offices in his garage. So, nothing is impossible (English, well, nothing is impossible. — approx.”GORDON”).

Over the years, our country has taken a few steps back. But we did not retreat. We gained distance for takeoff and decisive economic jump. The new Ukrainian government is building a level playing field for all, cleanse the judicial system, digitaliseren processes embodies the vital reforms and adopting vital laws.

© AP Photo Efrem LukatskyПожилые women begging in the centre Kawau us has everything to become a successful country: the favorable climatic conditions, very advantageous geographic location, inexhaustible agricultural and industrial potential, as well as our most important resource — an incredibly creative and talented people who are in the top 50 under the version of the Human Capital Index. We have — yet! — there is only two things. There is no other option but to become successful. And there is not enough investments. We invite all to become shareholders in the success of the new Ukraine.

Today the pragmatic and petrified world in desperate need of a miracle. And the world economy, which is on the verge of a new global crisis requires economic miracle. Ukraine — this is the place where miracles happen. And my goal is to be in the books next to the cases of Japan, South Korea and Singapore appeared in Ukraine. So join now!

Ukraine has become the investment Mecca of Eastern and Central Europe. The main driver for economic development is the ability to obtain economic profit. And we are one of the few countries, which now allows you to earn a high return on investment. Today we neconventionala and under-loved. But contrary to global trends Ukraine accelerates climate change.

I deliberately used such a scandalous statement to focus your attention and to hear it all. Of course, I’m talking only about the positive changes in the business climate. Ukraine becomes stable and predictable market with significant opportunities for business expansion. For us it is a matter of their own survival. And for you — the stability in the region, and hence in Europe as a whole.

What do you mean not to invest in Ukraine today? This being George bell, who in 1999 refused to buy Google for a million dollars. So don’t miss out Ukraine. Thank you very much (English, don’t miss Ukraine. Thank you very much. — approx.”GORDON”).

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