As soon as the temperatures crack 15 degrees, you are back, the spring-feelings. Thus, appetite is increased on one of the favourite Outdoor amusement of the Germans: to have a barbecue. If the grille is now placed in the garden, on the balcony, on the lake or in the Park: The Fan base of die-hard Barbecue of friends is large, but very heterogeneous. As a specialist for high-quality Outdoor-cooking Premium Kamado Big Green Egg the world knows of the “Griller” and presents the most well-known types:

Grill type: large city-Griller

the sun Barely beams in the sky to see, it attracts the big-city-grill to the outside. They would prefer to spend from now on his entire life in the fresh air. In the evening it is, therefore, with the compact, portable Grill, and a couple of good friends in the nearest Park or to the river Isar.

Grill type: The Schnorrer

thanks to his fine nose, the Schnorrer target is the next BBQ. Spontaneously, and without invitation, he comes, of course, he had to buy before that, unfortunately, no time. Instead, he offers his help at the Grill that he has actually only drink experience in beer, plays no major role. After done service at the Grill of the mooch is happy about his self-grilled sausages, and, Yes, the burned-in before him are not sure.

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Grill type: Gourmet

Spontaneous barbecue parties with cheap sausages, there is not the Gourmet Griller, because he plans meticulously his next Feast in the home garden and leaves nothing to chance. The precious meat is ordered in advance from the butcher of trust, and unusual side dishes round out the menu perfectly – except for hungry guests need to bring, therefore, nothing. For the feasting, a simple Grill is not enough, of course, well, then, that in the garden of the Gourmet friend, a outdoor kitchen is integrated. For the maximum taste sensation of the expensive pieces of meat of the Gourmet Griller with Wood Chips, these he sprinkled it carefully over the charcoal. As a result, he gives the dishes a characteristic smoke flavor, almost like in a star restaurant.

Grill type: The Veggie

From the pineapple to the Zucchini in the Veggie puts everything on the Grill and impresses even die-hard Steak-lovers. The Veggie grill is a welcome guest at the barbecue, because he is well prepared and brings the most unusual Dips and side dishes. Who wants to make the Veggie a joy, for a BBQ plate with two separate pads. Now the Veggie cook his vegetarian options for sure.

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Grill type: Socialiser

crickets for him is far more than just a method of cooking. What counts is the experience and the time together with friends and family. In the run-up, he equipped the garden with beer benches and every guest will receive a salad to Bring. For the Socialiser, the preparations for such a barbecue evening are not a necessary Evil, but only increase the anticipation of the upcoming event. Thus the whole of the food, the Socialiser and a large barbecue.

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