Wernigerode, Germany (dpa) – More than 180,000 colorful early bloomers votes in the miniature Park “Little Harz” and in the Bürgerpark Wernigerode on the new season.

From the 13. April was again live on the 15 acres of the former state garden show grounds, shared with the Park and garden GmbH in Wernigerode. Over the Winter, the models had been brought up to scratch, now they would be placed again under the open sky.

“We will unveil on the opening day, the new model of the Large castle of Blankenburg,” said managing Director Andreas Meling. “And we are celebrating this year the tenth anniversary of the miniature exhibition.”

The “Little Harz” combines 60 attractions in Germany’s northernmost mountains, that were reconstructed to a scale of 1:25. Among other things, the Brocken, Wernigerode castle can be admired, the Goslar Imperial Palace, the monastery Drübeck and the stave Church of the resin resort of Hahnenklee. On a good 400 metres network rail driving Mini-Railways through the Park. The small Ilse cases, there is running water, everything as authentic as possible. “The models are among the visitors, especially as a photo backdrop, very popular,” said Meling.

In the previous year, came to him, about 110,000 guests to the Park site, which is also a place of concerts, festivals and exhibitions. In the Thumbnail, and citizens Park this year more than 40 events. The season ends in mid-October.

citizens Park, on whose grounds the “Little Harz” is located, has its origin in the garden show in 2006. Under the Motto “resin looks attracted Wernigerode experience” at the time, more than half a Million visitors. In 2009, the “Small resin-opened”.

citizens and the miniature Park of Wernigerode


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