Government established a rate of return of the Russians from abroad

This, she said, is done in order to take control of all passengers and to prevent the spread of infection in the country.

However, exceptions to the General rule are possible. “We don’t know when some country will give us the opportunity to pick up its citizens,” he said. She said that now everyone who has no permanent address and place of residence at the point of arrival in a compulsory order are placed in Observatory. The rest of the passengers are issued by the regulations of the chief sanitary doctor on the observance of quarantine for 14 days. Their data is entered into system of the Ministry of communications to cellular operators can track the location flown.

Citizens living in the neighboring Moscow regions, will be delivered by special transport to your home, and also placed under quarantine.

Vladimir Putin, in turn, said that the country has already returned more than 800 thousand Russians. Per day are expected to arrive for another 1,400 people, and just want to go back about 20 thousand.

the President has noticed that among them there are Russian citizens that permanently reside abroad. Their desire to return GDP tied up with the fear that in foreign countries the Russians are now difficult to get medical care.

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