Great Risi: in Austria the blind snowman record

The biggest snowman named Risi blind in the Austrian ski resort. The height is slightly more than 38 meters, and its creation took 800 tons of snow and a month and a half of labor.

as a result, the Riesneralm village in Upper Styria, where it is popular with foreigners ski resort with winding trails for running, was set a world record that has registered for inclusion in the Guinness Book of records. The previous record established 12 years ago in the U.S. state of Maine. There dazzled a snowman with a height of slightly more than 37 meters.

In diameter snowman up to 30 metres. While Risi (‘giant’ from German) is missing the abdomen. To sculpt a “giant” began in mid-December 2019, the cost of its creation during the 40 days amounted to about 60 thousand euros. Most of the funds went to pay rent snow cannons.

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