There are good reasons for the Greens to reject. I personally have never voted green. To me a criticism which accuses them, to represent mainly the more affluent urban intelligence irritated but. As if that were somehow disreputable. If from the right against the Green similarly argues as before by the left against the FDP, which is only an expression of a deeper and slightly sinister displacement of the journalistic forces.

a few years ago could be heard everywhere, particularly in conservative institutions, the Cassandra against the German culture of Envy and Elite hostility. As long as the encouragement of the Elite opposed to through-and-through social-democratic Germany, the Tenor, na come from the Land of no green, we are just saying the Golden branch. Even Thilo Sarrazin’s “Germany does away with itself” was such a Wake-up call. His book is reduced to the Thesis that the people with the best genes – the Elite so German Academics, for example, would get less children as inferior Hartz-IV-recipients.

Today, but Sarrazin is ironically, the Hero of those who carry the envy to a “globalized Elite” and academics as the world’s foreign do-gooders despise. And it seems to me that in the conservative media, the same people who called Recently to Elite and globalization and hardness, and budget cuts, now the view, “you” – not you not have of course taken the Concerns of the ordinary people seriously. Journalists are bubble trapped in a elite Filter, wrong with rootless Intellectuals, homeless bankers and Brussels bureaucrats.

What now? The elite-Bashing on the part of those who would have to actually defend the elites, I find scary. Of course, you can get the Elite with the Mob have in common, in order to save their own Position; the named Hannah Arendt as a requirement of fascism.

I do not think that we are so far. I don’t think, however, that it’s a shame to belong to the urban intelligentsia, to be interested in intellectually complex problems such as climate change, to defend the globalisation and to tell the readers that the home is not rescued by foreclosure, but that we are in global competition only if more people put more effort in to gain a good education – even at the risk that some choose to, then green.


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