For more than two weeks, the budget will cripple the dispute between Democrats and Republicans to the financing of the President, Donald Trump demanded the wall to Mexico parts of the US government. Because hundreds of thousands of Government employees are not paid, and therefore, in the forced vacation were sent to stay in the Offices the applications were museums to make your doors tight and run in national parks in the trash. However, while visitors to the air and space Museum and the zoo in Washington are currently facing locked doors and tourists who are interested in the numerous monuments and memorial, the U.S. capital, without a guide and souvenir shops to survive, it will continue to run the operation in the historic clock tower at the Trump International Hotel without a hitch, as the news Agency Associated Press (AP), and several U.S. media reports.


The Trump International Hotel in Washington: The former post office building with the clock tower is one of the historically significant sites in the USA

©Mandel Ngan AFP authority denies connection with Donald Trump

“Every visitor who decides to 315 feet [96 metres, note d.Ed.] high clock tower, is welcomed by Rangers from the National Park Services, the work, despite the’ shutdown’ are normal,” writes the news site Slate. “We have opened”, – quotes the AP, one of the overseers of the 120-year-old attraction in the complex of buildings owned by the Federal government and the Trump Organisation has been leased. The government of US President Donald Trump seem to have spared no effort to keep the attraction and with the Rangers occupied, even if other Federal authorities have closed down all services except the most important, writes the news Agency.

the budget dispute in the USA, Trump Shutdown” for months or even years to maintain DPA

for the building General Services Administration threatens to “deny, however, that the reason for the continued operation of the historic site of the Name is emblazoned on the entrance of the hotel: the Trump. The “Shutdown”exception for the clock tower have “nothing to do with the tenants of the facility,” quoted the AP, the spokesperson of the Federal authority. Instead, the General Services Administration, by law is obligated to keep the facility open.

Democrat accuses government of bottomless corruption

the statement by The spokesperson not convinced everyone: The Washington control Association, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, whose objective is the fight against corruption in Parliament and government circles, has filed with the authority a request, in order to learn exactly why the watch tower remains open. The managing Director of the group, Noah Bookbinder, finds: “at The very least, that it smells funny.”

Yet more of the members in the house of representatives Bill Pascrell went. On Twitter, the Democrat, wrote to U.S. citizens: The Trump Administration used your tax dollars to keep a @NPS site in his luxury hotel, while the Rest of the Americans wading through garbage and locked gates. The corruption and disgrace of this government are bottomless.”



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