History 29/02/20 “Harem Aleksandrova”: what fired Minister of culture of the USSR

Georgy Fedorovich Aleksandrov was a man of outstanding. Scientist, philosopher, in 1939, when he was 31 years old he became a doctor of Sciences and Professor, and then twice winner of the Stalin prize. In 38 years he was academician of the USSR! Such a good philosopher, Marxist, and even from the working environment, Aleksandrov in Soviet socio-political system was simply doomed to success. Shortly after receiving his doctorate he took up the post of head of the Department of agitation and propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), and then headed the Institute of philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 1954 climbed to the position of Minister of culture of the USSR. And here’s the happy path by Georgy Aleksandrov “of proletarians to the Ministers” was broken. Career ruined sex scandal that erupted in 1955.

in Addition to Aleksandrova, the defendants in the case were Deputy head of the Department of science and culture of the Central Committee of the CPSU corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kruzhkov, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Alexander Again, as well as other persons. You can understand them — before cricketforce, officials with a boring Desk job, they got in the sphere of culture, full of thirst for glory beautiful young Actresses, students and various Bohemian ladies. And here they still were a huge administrative and financial possibilities for seducing the ladies. In front of such sexual temptation difficult to resist. And they, as he said then, got myself or visited (history is full of ambiguities and contradictions) the harem of artists.

Dmitry Shepilov, at that time chief editor of the newspaper “Pravda”, he wrote later in his memoirs, “refrain from taking sides” that the whole thing began with a letter to the CC from one of the “outraged mothers”. In the course of the investigation found that “a literature-related and okoloteatralnyh worker hosted on a luxury apartment high-society brothel. He picked up young attractivetion Actresses, dancers, students and even school girls-high school girls. Here and found a delight Aleksandrov, Vice Again, Clubs and some others.”

the harem (or brothel, and remained unclear) immediately went all sorts of gossip. Someone told me that in the brothel for Bohemians and politicians worked with students of younger courses of the Moscow universities and that this place was closed after the suicide of one of the underage girls involved in the nest of corruption; someone that actress “ensemble caress and dance of the Alexandrov” was a harem, serving ideologues and philosophers on some country, and Alexandrov there is supposedly bathed in champagne actress Anna Larionov (Larionov subsequently denied connection with Alexandrov, apparently, their really was not).

Dark spots a lot, but one thing is clear — all the defendants in “the case of the gladiators” lose their jobs. The Minister Alexandrov “for an immoral life” was exiled to Minsk and became a humble member of the Institute of philosophy and law of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. In this capacity he died in 1961. Kruzkov exiled to Sverdlovsk editor of the regional newspaper, Egoline in the sanatorium, and in 1959 he died.

Who were these “sexually loose” officials? Besides the fact that they were philosophers and men of immoral behaviour, they were people nominated to their posts through the influence of G. M. Malenkov at the time, the main rival of N. S. Khrushchev in the power struggle. Alexandrov, as pointed out by researcher Vladimir Ogryzko in the article “Alexander Central”, by 1955, was a man of Malenkov and, no doubt, in the ensuing struggle, had supported his patron.

Perhaps the story of the “harem” and the rumors about him were trumped-up pretext, a way to remove from the government of the people, loyal to Malenkov (Malenkov himself shortly afterwards deprived of his post as head of the government and there was no one to defend him). Since the case was not criminal, and private, details still unknown. On the other hand, the harem and the truth could exist, but inCE has turned a blind eye to until in 1955 the incriminating evidence was not needed to Khrushchev, to remove personnel from Malenkov. Available to historians, the letter of the angry mother, about which he wrote Shepilov, could also be fabricated and at the right time planted in the Central Committee. The letter was an anonymous letter, directed to Khrushchev: it describes “the whole shebang” a writer, seduced 18-year-old daughter of otpravitelya letters. The brothel allegedly frequented “the Minister of culture Alexandrov with chinaarticle Larionova, academician Again with some “Ella” from the Vakhtangov theatre, Professor Petrov “Anya” and many others”; “the Debauchery, the drunkenness, the abuse of girls.” The woman demanded “to stop this disgrace”. And Nikita stopped. Personally yelled at visitors to the harem at the meeting the Moscow city party Committee. According to legend, it was then that Alexander and his friends then called “gladiators” for their Orgy and orgies (like the Roman).

Aleksandrov admitted his guilt, but to return to leading posts in Moscow did not happen. Henchmen Malenkov no one was waiting in the capital. Former Minister of culture was forever branded as corrupt people chernivsi the good name of the Soviet philosopher and academician. In addition to Aleksandrov, were removed from their posts (though less controversial) and other Ministers — for example, the Minister of internal Affairs Kruglov. Kruglov accused of failure of the interior Ministry. Oddly enough, after his departure the problems of the Ministry of interior decided not to. Never got better and in the sphere of culture. But Khrushchev finally entrenched in power. As noted by the biographer of Khrushchev V. Shevelev in the book “N. With. Khrushchev”, Malenkov, unlike Nikita, “not enough cheek, cruelty, and ruthlessness to his political opponents.” And first, he “merged” his Ministers, and then are not able to defend himself. Under the blows and accusations Khrushchev and his associates in February 1955 at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet Malenkov announced his resignation from the post of Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Started greate and contradictory Khrushchev decade history of the Soviet Union. And about the history of the harem of the Minister of culture soon ceased to think.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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