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jaw Larsen chief Commissioner is of the Bremen police. He is a Profiler. One of those specialists who are called in when the usual identification methods fail. Larsen transferred offender, he is moved a bit to you, in your Thinking, in your feeling world. The worldly-wise North German throws herself with such passion into the criminal souls, he takes off in brutal murders rather be home. Thus, the Evil is not absorbed, as he says. One of the few books, the main Commissioner Larsen on the heart, is not in vain “in Cold blood” by Truman Capote. The Journalist analyzed the mid-sixties, the slaughter of an entire family by two young people with a level of detail that many readers felt at the time of their execution, loss and compassion.

Unexplained cases make Larsen crazy. Especially this series of brutal murders between 1995 and 2001. Already after the first investigations, the chief inspector has a suspicion. Actually, he knows who the killer is. But he can’t nail him. There is evidence missing. Only Larsen understands the of any empathy-exempt logic of the highly intelligent killer. He is following a perfidious chemical System, and Larsen suspects that another murder is imminent. A race against time begins.

Why the audio book? Fullscreen

The True-Crime Thriller “The elements of death” of the former Bremer investigator Axel Petermann and the author Claus Cornelius Fischer there is in Audible to Download. The unabridged, 15 hour-long version, read by Sebastian Walch.


“elements of death” would actually be a normal part of a Thriller like “Silence of the lambs” or “Seven”. Exciting, engaging, and full of moments of horror at the view over the escarpment into the darkest human depths. However, at the end of the story, you step back from the abyss with the soothing feeling that Everything is just fiction! Not so with this audiobook. The story is based on one of the most brutal series of murders in the German criminal history. The killer, his cruel procedure, the insidious thoughts of the world, the dehumanization of the victims, to whom he assigns the blame for the own violent death. Author Axel Petermann has seen the case at the time of the Bremen police. The offender as a Profiler significantly transferred. It is this closeness to reality that makes this Thriller so gripping. The constant Horror of the banality of Evil, if behind the mask of an ordinary fellow human beings, the Monster lurks. Reasons for most cruel deeds, Petermann, its protagonists say, these are the reasons everyone has, it lacks only the right opportunity.

Who is speaking?

The sonorous and diverse voice of the little-known speaker Sebastian Walch transported too good at the crazy world of thoughts of the killer, Daniel Becker, and at the same time, his attraction to people, especially to women. Effortlessly, he switches to the voice of the older, classic main Commissioner Kiefer Larsen.

What sucks?

The team of authors Petermann and Claus Cornelius Fischer developed the over years case draw with very many time-back before the jumps, sometimes two months, sometimes a year. In the book, the work, audiobook“readers“ need not, however, bring a significant degree of attention, to get tangled up in the narrative levels.

thrillers, novels, biographies: These audiobooks could you Fullscreen

like In the historical crime novel “The silent death” of the “Babylon Berlin”-the Creator of Volker Kutscher, it is a reunion with Gereon Rath and Charlotte knights, who get to do it with a series of murders in the film industry.


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