Emmanuel Macron, has condemned the attacks of Jair Bolsonaro against his wife Brigitte

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There is a crash violently between the French President Emmanuel Macron (41) and his Brazilian colleagues Jair Bolsonaro (64). The accused Macron least several times a colonialist mentality, among other things, because Macron makes the condition of the Brazilian rain forest and of which, under Bolsonaro, driven deforestation Concerns. Macron had rejected the accusations always. Now the dispute has reached a provisional low point.

reported, such As the French news Agency, AFP, had Bolsonaro approved on Monday a Post on Facebook that made derogatory remarks against France’s “Premiere dame” Brigitte Macron (66). A Facebook User had shared an unfavorable recording of the 66-Year-old together with a picture of Bolsonaros wife. To do this, the user wrote: “now do you Understand why Macron Bolsonaro harassed? I bet he is jealous of Bolsonaro.”

to have the Post commented, with “Humble the guy is not, haha”, and made itself more about the couple Macron funny. Whether the President has written the comment himself or one of his employees, is unclear.

So Macron

The French President has responded to the Social Media history is now on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Biarritz position. He described the behavior of his colleagues as a “very disrespectful”. “What can I tell you? This is sad, this is sad, but this is a sad first for him and the Brazilians.” You are a great people, and were ashamed, probably for their President, shot back Macron. He expressed hope for a speedy end to of Bolsonaros term.

Bolsonaro made the Riposte also uncommented and repeated on Twitter to his allegation, Macron involved in the colonialist manner in the Affairs of Brazil. “We can’t accept that a President, Macron, inappropriate and unfair moves to unjustified attacks against the Amazon territory,” wrote the President. Several members of his government went on to verbal attacks on the French.

the Background to the dispute Bolsonaros environmental policy and France’s reaction to this, as well as the fires in the Amazon basin. An end to the dispute does not seem to be in sight.

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