Lauf an der Pegnitz – In the case of a head-on collision of two cars on the Federal highway 14 in Mittelfranken three people are sometimes dangerous to life had been violated.

told How the police came to the car of a 21-Year-old on Tuesday evening from as yet unknown causes on the opposite lane. There he collided with an oncoming van.

+ Frontal Crash of a car with a Transporter in Lauf an der Pegnitz.© NEWS5 / NEWS5 / DESK

The young man and his 22-year-old passenger were seriously injured. The 43-year-old transport driver suffered serious injuries. All Parties came to the hospital.

It’s a total loss of about 50,000 euros. The Federal road remained for several hours blocked. One of the reviewers should now clarify the order of the public Prosecutor’s office the exact course of a road accident.

In a tragic accident in Stumm (Tyrol) has run over a man is the grandson (1) of his Brother. The Small floats are also in danger of their lives.



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