Wooden churches -990 childcare places, there are wooden churches – too little: currently, 15 children are on the waiting list. From the looks of it from September, it is still unclear who decides after the date of filing at 11. April. However, it is obvious now that the lack of kindergarten places is worsening: The extension building at the Caritas Hort at the spring street burst!

As mayor Olaf von Löwis (CSU) announced in the city Council meeting on Tuesday, have a process, the municipality also in the second invitation to tender, no company has found that wants to build the facility. “We have not received any usable offers.”

the wooden churches, has just put out to tender two options: Again or the nursery bury

Löwis back leads to the boom in the construction industry – and to the modest Dimension of the planned construction. “We have evidence that a larger project would have been considerably more attractive for the companies.” The municipality had two options: Re-tendering or the project to bury and Alternative focus. An Alternative is to provide in a development area and of the Tölzer Straße. Here a kindergarten was planned to be significantly larger. “I therefore hope that we will get there actionable offers.” Also at the Erich-Kästner-Straße at the end of August after the removal of the refugee container space for the construction of a larger facility.

The Council decided to forgo a re-tender. “Better an end with horror than a horror without end,” said Simon Bunting (SPD). It would have been the third call. Already in the first calls of wood churches had received no suitable offers.

Hans Putzer (SPD), proposed that an inter-municipal working group set up to tackle the Problem. “I experience for the first Time, to create a municipality of its duty, day-care centers, unable to meet due to a lack of or overpriced offerings.” He didn’t think that it’s going to run in the case of the Kita in the construction area of the Tölzer Straße better. Just as skeptical of Robert Wiechmann (Green), commented: “we are faced with the same uncertainties. What do we do when we are there in two years in the same place?“

this is Annoying for the community, that they had for the extension of the spring street planning costs in the amount of 180,000 Euro. In addition, according to Löwis of claims for damages in the amount of approximately € 10,000 of the company, which had already been granted partial orders.

wooden churches want to bring in the basement of the Caritas-Horts 25 kindergarten children under the

The municipality now wants to set up in the basement of the existing Caritas day care center to spring street at least a room for 25 kindergarten children. There, the wooden Kirchner Board is currently. This but on 8. May the Ladehof 6 in the vicinity of the station. Then, the freed is to be upgraded by the end of the room, so that he can record from September, an additional kindergarten group.

As reported, would have to be extended to the Caritas Hort with modules in solid wood. The modular design seemed to promise a quick and cost-effective solution. On two floors, two kindergarten classes and a nursery group would have to be housed therein. The cost of construction, including furnishings, was estimated by the commune in may 2018 and to 2.5 million euros. Originally a start-up in may 2019 was planned. Because of the slow procedure, it was the least of 2024.



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