Germany is the hottest week of the year – possibly even the heat record for the month of June could be cracked. The is currently at 38.2 degrees, which was measured in 1947 in Frankfurt. The experts of the German weather service (DWD) are at least pretty sure, that this brand is cracked. As the temperatures climb on Monday, up to 34 degrees, only on the coasts and it is 25 degrees cooler. Tuesday are expected, according to the DWD depending on the Region, with up to 39 degrees on Wednesday and then in some places as high as 40 degrees could be achieved.

Such temperatures, many of the students on Heat hope for what is nowadays, but not as good as even more. Used to be available almost everywhere, yet the simple rule that the instruction will be terminated at noon, when the Thermometer reads in the morning to ten in the morning already 25 degrees in the shade, so the Situation is considerably more complicated, because there is no uniform rule for all States. Can not give it, because different types of schools have different obligations and requirements.

provinces to handle the issue of Heat in different

visiting a child, for example, a reliable elementary school or a day school, it looks like the Heat is pretty difficult. While at other schools the decision on whether the children are allowed to go is the school Board, these schools to the parents that the children are cared for up to a certain time. That is: It can fail at high temperatures though the lessons, however, this means that the student may go directly to the swimming pool. It is related to the termination of the teaching takes place instead of the “heat” a weather-appropriate alternative offer in the school.

Some Federal länder have issued recommendations in order to facilitate the management of the school the decision to Heat or not. The following are some examples:

In NRW, for example, a room temperature is of 27 degrees as a benchmark for Heat. The temperature is below 25 degrees, is a premature termination of teaching inadmissible.In Bremen, Germany must prevail in the school building at least 25 degrees, so that the school can Express a heat-free.In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the teaching can be shortened accordingly, when heat and humidity appear to be “reasonable”. A breakdown of hours should only be used, if necessary, determined.In Saxony-Anhalt, the lessons can be terminated earlier, if in the class room as early as eleven o’clock in the morning, 26 degrees or more can be achieved.Heat is not applicable for high school students

Sometimes, however, the quality of the school is crucial. It is a thick-walled building, the trees, the climate in the classes, in spite of the high outdoor temperatures cooling. The children sit approximately in the middle of the big city in mobile containers on a paved school yard, the heat in the rooms very much.

Always unlucky students in the upper school and the vocational school have a rule. You are believed to can also at higher temperature, concentrate. While the announcement of the school Director, the speaker from all the other rooms cheers sounds, it remains in the upper-secondary level quiet. Only if circulatory problems or a build-up of heat threaten to, is a teaching of liberation is possible. The school Board granted the Heat is still a rejection, remains still the possibility to convince the teacher that a change would be outside in extremely useful.

students in Brandenburg and Berlin no longer have to deal with the issue of Heat in this already: Since last Thursday already summer in two States, namely holidays.

bal/with Material of the DPA


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