The citizens of new town, have held up so far on Facebook about important news in your city-to-date, need to reorient themselves. The city in the state of Hesse has decided to delete its Facebook presence. Reason concerns data protection, Hesse reports in the media.

“We all were trying to collect data to limit – but nothing has,” said Holger Michel, head of Department “Central services, security and order” in the nearly 9000 inhabitants large city, the “upper Hessian of the press”. The Tech group is collecting data of its users, the measures for data protection are often opaque. This pulls in Neustadt, the consequences, and leaving the social network.

Neustadt: news is now on Whatsapp instead of Facebook

Crucial at the end of the last year, which came into force data protection regulation (DSGVO), which is based on a judgment of the European court of justice, reported Michel, the “Hessenschau”. The DSGVO caused many operators of websites and Facebook pages for confusion, since they are strict, but often not quite clear guidelines for the legal grey areas. This risk is not to take, the competent Authorities in Neustadt. Michel and his staff had tried to create with the Shutdown of the comment function remedy: “But that has not worked. Ultimately, you can’t do anything about it – and, although it is itself the operator of the page”, said the head of Department of the “upper Hessian of the press”.

But City officials already have an Alternative opened up, in order to inform citizens in the future. About the messenger service, Whatsapp should be sent in the future, important news. The Problem is that Whatsapp belongs to Facebook – and the App is not just for their strict privacy famous. In Neustadt, it promises to still be an improvement. Citizens can log in via a message with a phone number will be stored, no names, just numbers. The data will not be passed on – so it promises to be, at least, the new town administration.

sources: “Oberhessische Presse”, “Hessenschau”



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