Pick ups, SUVs, and martial Offroader dominate the car market in the United States. Even a bigger slice of the pie that happens to you, will Ford bring in addition to the well-known series in 2019, a real SUV on the market. The series of the legendary Bronco is to be reissued.

+++ car market in the U.S., Bigger, stronger, and more powerful Pick Ups instead of a +++

Originally, the Bronco belonged to the sharp-edged Ur-Rock of the US off-roader. He should compete with the Jeep CJ and the International Harvester Scout. In the 80s, the series was always designed soft flushed until they sang in 1996 and quietly disappeared.

For several years, rumors emerge that the Bronco could come back. The latest Leak of photos should be well intended. It is not showed but the Bronco itself, but a well-planned small sister model, the Baby Bronco.

The good news for all German Fans of American Cars: The Bronco should be offered worldwide. In addition, an anonymous betrayed lasting Ford engineer some Details to the engine. Is fitted to the Bronco, therefore, with a 325-HP six-cylinder engine. The Ford engineer to pointed to the 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6 from the Ford Mondeo. With 475 Newton meters the engine has plenty of oomph for the off-roader.

classics are expensive

Ford has become wants to revive the ‘ 60s legend, so emotionally, it has been in the past few years with the Mustang. It is to be hoped that the new Bronco based on the beginnings. These are fundamental to the history of the car. The later versions were completely oversized and should, at the time, wanted to against the Chevrolet Tahoe and the longer Suburban Chevrolet to compete.

Who does not want to wait for the new Ford Bronco, you can look at companies like Classic Ford Bronco. There, the Broncos first-Generation to be restored and enhanced. However, these cars have their price. A Bronco Version of “The Chicago Hauler” offers V8 Power with 225 horsepower, all-wheel drive, three-speed automatic transmission and direct power steering. Of fun but it also costs a handsome $ 150,000.

Ford Mustang Bullitt is The coolest Mustang of all time

Steve McQueen greetings: just in Time for the 50. Anniversary of the Film classic “Bullitt” with the unforgettable actor in the main role, Ford has a special edition of the Mustang, with 475 HP.

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