High energy consumption in quarantine can fly population a lot of money

At the same time talking about change of tariffs is not coming. In addition, under the new government decision, the retail companies should not levy fines and penalties with the Russians, who have arrears of payment for three months. Hrabcak added that from the point of view of load on the power system, any difficulties should arise, but the income of suppliers would decrease slightly.

“For residential customers we have specialized rates that are generally lower than for industrial consumers, – explained the Deputy Minister. – If we move consumption in the home, the power company will, of course, receive less revenue than if energy consumption would be in the offices.”

However, the energy companies their problems, and their consumers. Because they are caught up in the mode udalenku, you have to spend additional “personal” energy to perform a purely business functions — due to additional usage and charging of mobile phones, the operation of personal computers, just the lighting of the rooms where the work is performed.

clearly says in the comments for “MK” expert on housing, lecturer at Ranepa Sergey belolipetskii that in the current situation, the people will sit at home and strenuously to burn the light, under the former electricity tariffs. “Accordingly, the counter will wind more. Well, Yes, by 15-20 per cent more. So Grabchak clearly did not discover America, to put it mildly. It would make more sense if he called on citizens to refrain from excessive consumption, making the emphasis on the need to save money on light in the current difficult socio-economic circumstances”, – said the expert.

regarding the statement by the Deputy Minister of energy of lower tariffs for household consumers, according to the interlocutor of “MK” official “forgot” to mention in this context, the main mode of cross-subsidization. Established in 1990-ies under the slogan that we have a welfare state, this system, as acknowledged by the majority withthe specialists, is hopelessly outdated: supplier companies forced to pay more for low prices to the public.

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