Accidents are inevitable. With the rise in the number of vehicles and the number of drivers, the number of casualties is rising. Also, although there are lots of safety campaigns and cars improved to ensure safety, accidents are still happening. The most populated area of Nevada, Las Vegas, has the highest number of traffic accidents, fatalities, and injuries in the state. According to the statistics, accidents happen almost every other day. This is primarily due to the driver’s negligence, including drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, aggressive drivers, or even tired drivers. Hence, catastrophic accidents are bound to happen. When such incidents occur, accident victims should seek professional and qualified Las Vegas personal injury lawyers such as, to help them in the following compensation process.

Listed below are some of the reasons you will need to hire a personal injury attorney to avoid an accident.


1. They investigate the accident

If an accident and injuries are sustained, you will be prompted to file your claim to the other party’s insurer. Therefore, chances are the insurance company will conduct their investigations to determine if your claim. Therefore, you need a personal injury attorney to help you prove your claim. Moreover, they will ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation. Moreover, they will interview witnesses and deposing them on your behalf.

2. Make arrangements for medical treatment, tests, specialists, and other professionals

It’s critical to get medical help right away if you’ve been hurt in an accident. A personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you in locating the appropriate pain doctor, physical therapist, or orthopedic surgeon to accurately diagnose your injuries. If you haven’t already, your personal injury lawyer will most likely be able to recommend you to a broad network of medical professionals and specialists. A personal injury lawyer will frequently agree with these professionals that they will not charge you upfront for their services. Instead, they will be reimbursed out of any settlement check or favorable judgment that you obtain due to your case. Therefore, this will help you recover effectively.


3. They help with insurance negotiations

Insurance companies never have the victim’s interests at heart. Despite them being bounded by laws, they still have personal motives and interests at their core. Therefore, they have attorneys that will guide them on the ways to reduce the compensation amount. Therefore handling insurance companies without a lawyer will make you get unfairly compensated compared to hiring an attorney. An experienced and professional lawyer will ensure you are fully paid and will be able to negotiate with the insurance attorneys since they are knowledgeable on the compensation terms.

4. They know the statute of limitation

Statute of limitations is the determinant of the maximum period between the time of the accident to the time you can start the legal process and commit a claim, for instance, in Nevada. A claim should be made within two years after the injury. If a claim is made after that, then it is considered untimely. Mostly if you miss making a claim within this period, then getting compensation for damages caused may prove hard. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced will know when to these claims should be made to avoid getting to the deadline and lose the chance of ever being compensated for damages sustained.


5. They help you comply with state rules when filing for a claim

In Las Vegas, after an accident, some procedures are bound to take place as your claim is being investigated. For instance, paperwork needs to be filled, damage inspections that have to be done, and diagnostic procedures to ensure you are well treated for your injuries. For instance, in Nevada, if one files for a claim in clarck county, they have to follow the rule and regulations of Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure and the rules of practice for the eighth judicial district court for Nevada. Therefore, handling all that on your own can be overwhelming, for instance, when you have to be hospitalized. Hence hiring an attorney will help you and ensure they have complied with all the needed procedures.

6. They will help you negotiate for extensive damages

Most damages after an accident are more extensive than we may imagine. When making claims, we may fail to realize that there’s more than just medical expenses that one can claim for. For instance, those wounded due to another’s carelessness are entitled to compensation for intangible losses like pain and suffering and loss of consortium under state law. Therefore, an attorney will help you assess the worth of these damages.


7. They aid in preparing and filing paperwork

Filing insurance claims and filing for lawsuits can be a lot and hectic. Therefore, hiring a personal injury attorney will ensure that you get the assistance you require in the process of filing and completing the necessary documents. Additionally, they are at your service anytime you require help or an explanation on things you do not understand, then your lawyer will clarify it for you.

8. They take you to court and represent you in court

In most cases, settlements can be done out of the courtroom, and no need for involving third parties and going for trials and hearings. However, whenever the settlements can be reached between the two parties, there’s a need for trials and depositions. These legal processes can be hectic. They include pleadings, discovery, mediation, pre-trial hearings, and a trial are all steps in the legal process. During these times, your injury attorney is bound to prepare you to present yourself in court and answer questions to ensure that your case is successful. Moreover, they will represent you in court and guide you through the process to ensure you are well and fully compensated.


To conclude, when getting a personal injury attorney, one needs to make a rational and informed decision. The above listed are some of the reasons to guide you when hiring a lawyer to ensure you get the most knowledgeable and experienced.