Update 9. January 2019, 22.31 PM: The in part severe criticism of FC Bayern President Uli Hoeness in the past few weeks did not leave Ottmar Hitzfeld unaffected. He had suffered it, ‘ said Hitzfeld, with a view to the annual General meeting of Bavaria to the sports image. For him, the criticism was excessive, “total”. According to the opinion of Hitzfeld they could not articulate what had made Uli Hoeness for Bayern: “The respect, the respect of life services, has lost something. This is bitter truth,“ said Hitzfeld is already almost critical.

former coach Of Bayern looks, therefore, in spite of the criticism of no reason that Hoeness should go: “as Long as Uli force and has fun, should he continue. He is the face of FC Bayern.“

Fan-criticism at AGM: Rummenigge prevented a Hoeness-outbreak

Update from the 5. December 2018: the observer, the reaction of Uli Hoeness on the fire speech of Bavaria, a member of the John Bachmayr (33) at the annual General meeting last Friday was a little surprising. Hoeness himself said on Sunday: “I am glad that I have reacted so calmly.”

A small proportion of this is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge certainly had. Anyone who has taken the TV-images under the microscope, is clearly seen, as Rummenigge whispers during the Bachmayr-speak softly something. You need to be a professional lip-reader to recognize the content of: “stay calm, Stay calm.” The CEO knows the often effervescent President.

Rummenigge had noticed at the lectern, he wanted Hoeness “sometimes with less emotion and more Serenity.” He announced that he would explode: “I’m going to press my Hand on the thigh, if I remember, You get anxious – so that you don’t at some point.” In the Audi Dome, which has worked on every case.

Hoeness speaks about criticism on the General meeting of FC Bayern München

Update from the 4. December 2018: Uli Hoeness has his own theory about the statement of a member of John Bachmayr. “The has even been asked no questions, only controlled by his Computer – probably from the outside, the things released. This was a very prepared speech,” the Bayern President during the Celebration of the 125 years anniversary of VfB Stuttgart, the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

If that’s true, and like Hoeness wants to prove, is not clear. “Of course I debated a bit, said John Bachmayr the Münchner Merkur*, “but I have also worked very much with the original quotations”.

Hoeness from FC Bayern member, sharply criticized – apology required

message from the 3. December 2018:Uli Hoeness has given the fan club to visit on Sunday in response to the fire was talk of Bavaria, a member of the John Bachmayr (33). It is the “attempt had been made, my rebuke to damage the reputation as a Manager, Executive and now President. There are so many untruths were in it, it would take three hours. I reject a discussion at this level in total. As long as the don’t apologize to me, I will not speak with him. I am glad that I have reacted so calmly. If I would have reacted as before, then good night!“

Bachmayr, a qualified tax lawyer from Hubenstein (Kreis Erding) said: “of Course I have debated something. But I have also worked very much with the original quotes. A member is not me, get shouted at if I know what I have done Hoeness everything. The have taken the other members quickly on the page. Otherwise, I have to get 95 percent approval.“ An appearance at view point sports Bachmayr rejected.

What Hoeness in a Rage? The tz-documented-wide extracts of the Bachmayr-speech.

The rant of the club member at the AGM of FC Bayern München

“I still remember the year 1999. At the time I was 14 years old and my Idol is to become an entrepreneur of the year. The football will win this award: super. I was pleased as we had won a title. If you’d asked me then, what do I want to be, the answer would have been a footballer, racing driver or a Pilot, I wanted to be Uli Hoeness – the great Manager. Today, almost 20 years later, I am no longer me but so sure.

what is a President? So I’m thinking about the types of Elder Statesman. The Model. The Sovereign, who is above it all. One, you don’t want to ask due to his life experience and wisdom, always a little fatherly advice. Let us look at only the last two years: Nachtreten, back to the roots, wise guy, shit, dealing with honor-game guides, catastrophic processes partially and buddy-economy. But after the series.

In Paragraph 111 of the stock Corporation act States: The Supervisory Board shall supervise the management of the company. The press was regularly read to: Hoeness has set itself against Rummenigge once again. Your re-election to terminate you with this: “to Me has not so liked a lot. It will change a lot.“ You and Rummenigge have to get married again. And Heynckes took up only to tear itself at last on the belt. I wonder then: Who actually performs the operations in the AG and who is the controlling body? Beckenbauer and Hopfner had a different understanding. And I also wonder What Rummenigge made in the last few years prior to that so poorly?

“Mr. Dreesen was demoted Recently to the phone-lackeys”

Or the Mr Dreesen was demoted Recently to the phone-lackeys, because you, Mr Hoeness, it had not in the cross, and calling their old companions. I must say, my understanding of the United States.ns is already A honorary captain of the club is not to banish. It is not your stadium. The club is not your property. Paul Breitner has spoken, what is thought the many and the one must endure to change. I say freedom of expression, article 5 of the basic law.

A club such as FCB took twelve months to present a sports Director. That must be a sophisticated selection process. Well worked considered with personal and job profiles. We are a Top club and in a highly professional manner. Then it was at the end of Brazzo. The selection process, so I read it, at least in the press, was a taxi ride in China. Convincing! So convincing, he didn’t know on the PK to describe his activity. Gas he was going to give. Ah Yes! Interesting Process.

what are the other processes? You had seven months to explore the market. Jupp (Heynckes, d. ed.) said in December 2017 finally, he stops. This was taken from a Sky Interview of him. To plow, instead of the market, so I have removed it, blocked the President this and announces a charm – and Without pants Offensive. In a professional manner.

+ “of Course, I have debated some”: John Bachmayr (33) in his speech last Friday,© fkn

in the end, you, Mr Hoeness, the heart and the stall smell declared as the main criteria, and about things like flat Six and the false Nine made fun of. To know where the Laundry facilities are, is more important than the structure of training. I eventually picked up a quote from you: We had a Champions League winner as a coach, and now we try it the other way around. There was about opposite day?

the squad of FC Bayern: “austerity is beautiful and good,”

I sometimes have the impression that we scrimp and save in the case of Kroos, De Bruyne or Sane, but for the same game types, Vidal, Sanches, Tolisso and Goretzka – about 100 million. And that is even without the money, the Goretzka quite get. Austerity is beautiful and good. The football is also, somewhere, a market, and currently has an inflation rate of ten percent. And this is expected to be positive. For this we pay on profits, Mr Dreesen has presented it to Yes, a tax of 30 percent. You will save so today, 100 million, then you have in three years, only 50 million in value. Would it not be smarter than, equal to, or to invest in advance? When I look at the old AC Milan or Manchester United a few years ago: the missed the break. I don’t know if it will create the AC Milan ever again. And United has invested, I think, a billion and is still not back on top. I think it is easier to stay up than to come back up. I also ask myself: For whom do we make such high profits? After all, we are a club without the intention of making Profit. This is also given in the Statute.

We go to a PSG as the State of Qatar bad. But the sponsorship from Qatar, we are happy to accept. We pride ourselves for the legacy of Kurt Landauer, write to us, but the attitude of the Qataris and the Umländer on the Sleeves.


to occur on a regular basis – against Klinsmann, van Gaal, Nerlinger, Sammer, Costa, Bernat. Even Heynckes was indirectly to read, as Kovac came: Now the work is done correctly. This is the world image of the Association in dealing with its former employees?


“And to top it all has to get the new sausages of the contract for the stadium who? The Family Hoeness Surprise. Compliance? Nil“


Now it is enough slowly. I could on the topics of E-Sports, Tuchel, Müller-Wohlfahrt, to claim that Hummels was offered, the Dreyfuss loans, the enemy Mislintat, the Not-Know of James and other things, something to say, but actually I have only one request: next year, ending their term, and I hope that you explain what you do better than your predecessor. Because, with the proviso that started Yes. If had to change many things, then I want to change for the Better. So far, I see only deterioration. A wise man and I respected man once said: The FC Bayern is not a One-Man-Show. Thank You Very Much!“

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Bayern Fan wants to celebrate-reconciliation with Breitner, but the President chooses strong words – also Rummenigge, after

economic expert criticizes Bayern and Uli Hoeness

The *Münchner Merkur is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

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